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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12 Recap: “Raw Talent”

Teen Wolf 6×12: Season 6, Episode 12, “Raw Talent,” Aired August 6, 2017

OMG Theo. I have so many thoughts and feelings on Theo in this episode and you can find them HERE. The gist is that Theo has been living in his truck and the Beacon Hills police (who apparently have nothing better to do) keep making him move. Theo should just park in the school parking lot because if there is one thing we have learned, it’s that security is lax AF at that high school. A creepy spider crawls under his skin and he has to stab his own back in order to get it out. He almost calls Scott but before he can do anything really, he is surrounded by dudes with guns and they open fire on his truck. Not good. Please don’t be dead!

The sneak peek! Remember that sneak peek MTV gave us a while back with Scott in the woods? 6×12 has that scene but now we have the context! They are in the woods with the bullet that killed the Hell Hound and Scott is overcome with memories of the hunters who terrorized him in Season 1. He becomes disoriented when he thinks he is being chased by hunters and nearly rips Sheriff Stilinski apart. He snaps out of it but Malia and Lydia are worried. And so are we. That was intense!

Bugged. Scott failed to tell the Sheriff the whole truth about the dead Hell Hound because he wanted to talk to Argent about the bullet they found. Malia and Lydia question him about in Malia’s car but that’s not the biggest take away of that scene! In a blink and you will miss it moment, the camera pans out and we see what looks like a tiny recording device on the mirror of Malia’s car! Who is listening to them? Hunters? Cops? A really bored Stiles who has too much access to FBI equipment? (Okay, that last one would be hilarious.) But either way, it’s a huge issue!

Mason and Liam! I love them so much! The locker room scene with Mason getting giddy about Brett and then Liam literally carrying him out of the room was amazing and so quotable.

“Brett? Incredibly hot Brett with the eight pack abs?” – Mason

“Pretty sure his name’s just Brett.” – Liam

and our favorite:

“Go cyclones! Go Lacrosse! Yay sports!” – Mason

Another thing to mention in this scene is that Aaron thanks Liam for the gear. This may seem insignificant at the time but then we see what happens to Aaron after this (spiders in the mouth) and we aren’t so sure. Was it totally random or was Liam the intended target of the spider fest? After Liam loses control on the field, he finds a bloody, skinless body in the locker room but then they find Aaron sitting in a classroom looking creepy AF. What does this mean?!

Ms. Monroe. I feel like Liam and Mason should have some red flags going up when it comes to Ms. Monroe’s intense interest in them. She wants to meet with Liam to chat but we still don’t trust her. Also, girlfriend has a knife stuck in her desk and an ominous quote on her white board. She may be stalking Liam but someone else is stalking her! We find out later in the ep that it’s Gerard Argent! But before that, Monroe attacks Brett and tries to kill him. That’s when Gerard shows up and shoots Brett (who runs away). Gerard thinks she has raw talent and thus an unlikely (and sure to be disastrous) partnership is born. This is going to crazy.

Lydia and Parrish. After her trippy vision in 6×11, Lydia is determined to pin down the noises she heard in the spider webs. She starts with the key card at the station. Parrish swipes his for her but she immediately rules it out. That’s when she realizes where she has heard the sound before. It’s the card reader at Eichen House. More specifically, the closed unit at Eichen House. Parrish is not about to let her walk back into that death trap of an institution, so he decides to go instead. While we respect Lydia and her female badass ways, what kind of cop would Parrish be if he let her go back to a place that she was nearly killed in multiple times?

Scott, Malia and Argent. Scott and Malia go to see Argent but he isn’t there. While they hack into his computer, Malia tries to (unsuccessfully) get Scott to talk about the incident in the woods and Scott realizes that Argent is back in the gun biz. Malia and Scott bust into one of his gun deals but it goes terribly wrong. Argent isn’t just dealing guns, he is trying to figure out who is buying all of the guns. There is a new player in town. Scott tells him about the bullet and that’s when Argent realizes that there is a new hunter in play.

Scalia. Did you see that look that Scott gives Malia when she wasn’t looking?! DID YOU SEE??!?!!? Swoon!

Eichen House drama. Parrish goes to Eichen to investigate the Hell Hound and learns that the Hell Hound was the one who had Eichen built so he’d have somewhere to chill (ha, get it). The dude working at Eichen seems a little off and it’s because he has been consumed by his fear of the closed unit supernatural patients. He murdered all of them and tries to do the same to Parrish.

Lydia. Thankfully, Lydia shows up! Her fear and trauma from her time in Eichen House nearly causes her to flee but she (being the badass, amazing woman) pushes her fear down. She checks her fear and saves Parrish from an icy death because she is a BOSS. What an amazing and powerful moment!

Fear. The wolves, the rats, the guy at Eichen, Monroe, Scott’s wig out. It all comes down to fear and it looks like everyone is turning on the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. This is not good guys. NOT. GOOD.

Wow. That was crazy. What did you guys think? Hit the comments or find us on Twitter!

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