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My goodbye letter to the Disney Electrical Parade

(The Disney Electrical Parade is coming to an end at Disneyland Park and our Disney expert, Christine Cenon, has written a goodbye letter to the magical event.)  

Saying goodbye to the iconic Disney parade that had made my life magical.

(Please, play the soundtrack to the Disney Electrical Parade, below, whilst reading this.)

Dear Electrical Parade,

This letter to you is one of the hardest that I have ever had to write, to date.  (I’m already crying, even though I’ve just begun!)  Never, in my 29 years, did I think that I would have to say goodbye to the best childhood memory that I have ever had.  But, here, I am, saying goodbye.

This is wrong.

August 20, 2017—which, unfortunately, is rapidly approaching—will be a date that will live in infamy in my memory.  I guess I can consider myself lucky, because you were supposed to have been retired by mid-June.  But, I am not lucky because your extension is not permanent.  Why are you not permanent, again?

Okay, wait.  To be clear, I am not writing this letter to demand that Mr. (Bob) Chapek and/or others from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts leadership team, reinstate your residence at the Disneyland Resort.  (Is it too late to begin a petition?  It is, huh?  Too bad, too, for I am certain that millions of persons would sign.)  I am only writing this letter to express my love, and to pay my respects before you leave me one final time.  (It seriously hurts to say that.)

I vividly remember the first time that my eyes had ever seen you.  I must have been two, three years of age.  Sure, I remember everything from my first visit to your first home: Disneyland.  (Hell, I remember my every visit to your first home.)  But, what I remember most is my parents sitting on the sidewalks of Main Street waiting for you to begin.

You were, a “spectacular festival pageant.” I remember clapping to your “electro-synth-magnetic, musical sounds.”  I remember hallucinating to your unbelievable sights of “thousands of sparkling lights.”  I remember the biggest smile breaking out onto my face when both Mickey and Minnie had waved at me from atop the floats.  Every one of those memories were magical.  Thereafter, I had made it a point to view you, before ending every one of my (future) visits.  But, soon, I will no longer be able to view you, and that saddens me to no end.

I remember, when you had first left me, for Walt Disney World, in 1996.  My heart had been broken, as if you and I were in a relationship, and had split.  Your soundtrack would regularly fill any and every loudspeaker—I would cry, 0:01 seconds, into your first song.  Amateur footage of you, was constantly viewed by me—tears would unfailingly trickle down my cheeks, every time.  Furthermore, you were often mentioned, in conversation—whoever I had spoken with, would share their fondest memories of you, and I, the same.  I remember, when you had first returned, in 2001, for the first summer of Disney California Adventure Park.  Oh, boy, was I the happiest!

Then, you had left, again, in 2010, and my heart had broken for the second time.  At that time, I did not expect you to return to the Disneyland Resort.  But, you had, earlier in the year.  I remember when the commercial (below) had first aired, announcing your (final) return.  I cried right when the female cast member (or, Imagineer) had snapped the light bulb into Elliot, the Dragon.  My heart had skipped one beat, when both the roaming snail and the roaming turtle, had spun.  Immediately, I had made my way to Disneyland, to see you (umpteen times since your return, in fact).

But, now, you are leaving me, again, for the third time.  And my heart is broken for the third time.  I wish there was something I could do to keep you this time.

It is with the dampest of eyes and the heaviest of hearts that I say my final goodbye to you, Electrical Parade.  I thank you, more than words can say, for the happiest of times and for a childhood memory that cannot be topped.  I had hoped that my (future) children would have had a chance to cherish you, as I had.  But I will still share my memories of you with them.

Goodbye, Electrical Parade.  You were the icing, on my Disneyland cupcake … but, I assure you, that nothing can replace the magic that you have brought into my life.  Ever.  I will miss you, forever.  My heart and my love are with you always.



(Featured image via disneyparks.com.  Video via official YouTube Channel of Disneyland.)


Christine Cenon

Christine has earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, and has prior educational experience in screenwriting. Apart from writing for Pure Fandom, she is a contributing writer for FanBolt and Tell-Tale TV, and participates in roundtable interviews about Supergirl at TV After Dark. She also has two complete, unproduced screenplays under her belt.

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