All the Easter Eggs from ‘Descendants 2’

For the foreseeable future, I plan to be completely and utterly obsessed with Descendants 2! Naturally, since the movie franchise is based on the children of all of our favorite Classic Disney characters, there are just oodles and oodles of little hat tips that real fans absolutely love. So, because I’m dedicated to research, I have rewatched the movie and kept my eyes peeled for all of the Descendants 2 Easter Eggs! Check them out!

The Old Cliches

Descendants 2 Easter Eggs

There’s just a few of the absolute necessities you need to make a Disney movie – a Disney movie. From the very first second of the movie we see the poison apples. Disney has used this plot-line repeatedly, and it still never gets old!

And what’s a Disney movie without a talking animal companion? Due to dogs eating everything in site, we’ve got Carlos’ dog, Duke, eating a potion that makes him talk throughout the move. Hilarity ensues. If we started with poison apples? We must finish with “True Love’s Kiss” to break the spell!


Descendants 2 Easter Eggs

Whether we actually get to see the parents themselves, or the kids are just paying homage to their parent’s stories, we can see the colors and popular symbols we associate with all of the parents.

  • Fairy Godmother and Jane are both constantly in blue, pink, and bows!
  • Evie has an obsession with hearts and crowns.
  • Harry Hook carries around his father’s hook, and what I can only assume is his watch.
  • Lonnie always makes sure to have her Chinese heritage shine through in her clothes; as well as not letting us forget what a bad ass feminist her mother is!
  • Uma wears Ursula’s necklace, and her cotillion dress is covered in seashells and sea stars.
  • Jay has a cobra on almost every article of clothing.

This list could really go on and on…

Classics Continuity

Descendants 2 Easter Eggs
  • Jane, the daughter of Fairy Godmother, loves pumpkin pie. Does that remind anyone else of a certain carriage? Also, her ringtone for her mom? Is the sound of her mom’s wand.
  • Audrey, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, is on vacation with Flora, Fauna, and Meriweather, the fairies.
  • We get to see Ursula’s tentacle! Even though we don’t see the sea witch herself.
  • The picnic that Mal makes for Ben: hot hor derves, beef ragu, etc. is the dinner from the wonderful musical number “Be Our Guest”.
  • Dizzy, Druzilla’s daughter, now has all of Cinderella’s old chores.
  • Gil, son of Gaston, uses the song of that name to describe his father, “He’s quick, slick, and his neck is incredibly thick.”
  • Lumiere is shown, in human form!
  • Adam talks about how he is lucky Belle  doesn’t go by first impressions, referring to his previously beasty ways.
  • Uma spells Ben exactly how her mother spelled Prince Eric.
  • Uma and Ben dance to “Kiss the Girl”.
  • Mal and Uma can both transform like their mothers. The question is, can Ben? With that temper of his I was wondering if we were going to catch a glimpse of a baby beast.
  • Audrey has a flat tire in Sherwood Forest (which really doesn’t have to do with her story, but we don’t care!).

Signs on the Isle of the Lost

Descendants 2 Easter Eggs
Descendants Wiki
  • There were a few signs on the Isle that pointed at some characters, even if they went unseen.
  • Shan Yu’s Dastardly Dim Sum is displayed trying to get you to enjoy a Chinese snack from the leader of the Hun army from Mulan.
  • Hades’ Souvlaki … It’s under this world! The lord of the underworld from Hercules wants to give you some Greek fast food.
  • Ursula’s Fish and Chips!
  • Lady Tremaine’s Curl Up and Dye. Which is closed until midnight. I wonder if it’s to keep a certain glass slippered princess out. Also, when Mal enters this establishment you can hear a cat screeching, perhaps it’s Lucifer?
  • An extra sign in the background of the fight says: Feeling Happy? There is help. Call the Happiness Prevention Hotline!
Descendants 2 Easter Eggs
Oh My Disney

So, there you have it, all the Easter Eggs I spotted in the movie. Did I miss any?

Be on the lookout, my next article about Descendants 2 which will be about the various relationships in the movie!

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