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SDCC 2017 ‘The 100’: Richard Harmon discusses the changing relationships

“What did I do this time?” – Richard Harmon

At SDCC 2017, Richard Harmon (The 100’s Murphy) told us that this is the question on his mind when he thinks about what his character has been up to during the 6 year time jump. Production is just getting underway for Season 5 of the CW show and Richard is planning on asking EP Jason Rothenberg that very question. We are dying to know that answer too!

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At SDCC 2017, we also wanted to know more about the relationships up in the ring (particularly his relationships with Raven and Emori). At the end of Season 4, Murphy was one of the peeps who launched into space. The fate of the space crew is unknown because Clarke has been unable to get in touch with them for six years! How have the relationships in space changed? Are there new couples? We asked Richard those questions and more!

Check out our interview with Richard Harmon at SDCC: 


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