#MakeMineMilkshake movement leads DC and Marvel to set aside their rivalry for a day

The hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake has been taking over Twitter in response to sexist comments thrown at Marvel editor Heather Antos this week. The play on an old slogan, “Make Mine Marvel”, has been used in solidarity with women in the comic book industry.

The lowdown

Heather Antos Twitter

Heather Antos posted this picture of herself and female coworkers from Marvel drinking milkshakes as the “Marvel Milkshake crew”. It wasn’t long before internet trolls latched on with hateful comments. Some twitter trolls posted that this was the reason Marvel’s sales had gone down. One even went as far to say, “Can we just get off of feminism and social justice and actually print stories. God DC looks better and better.”

She came back around with a second part, “part deux”, with even more of her Marvel friends. Why? Because people sitting behind a computer shouldn’t keep you from being awesome, girl!

Outpouring of support

Despite the early jump to hate on the photo of women in comics drinking milkshakes together (god forbid), there were even more Twitter users who jumped in to defend Antos, Marvel, and women in comics. Comic fans from all walks started posting selfies with #MakeMineMilkshake to show their support over the crazy backlash.

Even Marvel Entertainment itself came back with this photo backing their own employees. It’s fantastic to see a big company like that support its people.

DC joins forces

Shortly after, DC posted this tweet of their own female staff members drinking milkshakes, too!

DC Comics Twitter

It doesn’t stop there, either. Marvel responded back to DC with a picture of a milkshake….with two straws! The unity is real, guys.

Even if it was just for a day, DC and Marvel put aside their differences for #MakeMineMilkshake. They supported the solidarity with women in comics as well as women who read comics. Comic fans everywhere have been eating up the joining of the two franchises and for good reason.

Take a selfies with #MakeMineMilkshake, and share it with us at Pure Fandom!


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