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‘Dark Matter’ recap: Jaw-dropping revelations in Ep 3×10, “Built, Not Born”

Dark Matter, Ep 3×10, “Built, Not Born” aired on August 4, 2017

You guys!! After last week’s fun romp back to 2017 things took a few dark turns in this week’s episode. This was an episode for multiple revelations and “What the what?” screeches of dismay/delight. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want this episode to end. It was chock full of love among our crew members and some interesting relationship twists. If for some reason you have not watched tonight’s game-changing episode, please go rectify that right this second than then come back. Otherwise, beware of spoilers for tonight’s episode, “Built, Not Born” and read on!

Holy crap!!!!! Victor’s back. Remember me whining a few episodes ago about Android needing to get her life and my hopes for Victor’s return? He’s here and they kissed and it was glorious. I was fangirling hard despite being infected with Three’s doubts about Android’s new friends. Of course, it turns out that he’s evil, but that’s not even the biggest reveal that dropped in “Built, Not Born”. Let’s break it all the way down from the top.

After receiving Victor’s SOS last week, Android broke her silence about the other androids like her and she revealed the truth about her upgrade software. She asked the crew to render assistance to Victor and the other androids. The other AI need safe transport off of Jana 12 where they are currently stranded. Victor also alludes to an “unfortunate incident.” Translation, the former “owner” of one of the robots spots Anya on the space station and tries to take her home with him. The crew manages to smuggle the three robots off the space station, but Three doesn’t think that they should keep the “machines” on board once they reason out that Anya likely has a tracker. Meaning that if she can be tracked, the Raza can be tracked by searching for the robot.

Three has no problem with helping Android’s robot friends, but draws a line when it comes to putting their crew in danger. He calls the others just “machines” and later tells Sarah that they’re not really alive. Five immediately calls him on the machines thing. It’s at that point when Three goes all squishy much to his own disgust and gruffly admits that he doesn’t think of their Android as a machine. She’s a part of the crew. Two asks Android to run a scan to detect any possible trackers that might prove a danger to them. Three’s worries prove to be well-founded when the GA appears. Anya does have a tracker and the crew can’t disable it. Anya sacrifices herself and Rulak is critically damaged from his encounter with Anya’s former owner. Or was he? Given what we find out at the end episode. Victor straight up murdered an innocent man. On the Raza, Rulak awakens briefly and murmurs that what they did was wrong. Of course, it was so early in the episode that we couldn’t have guessed the true significance of that statement.

Victor straight up murdered an innocent man, Anya’s former owner and it was not in self-defense. On the Raza, Rulak awakens briefly and murmurs that what they did was wrong. Of course, it was so early in the episode that we couldn’t have guessed the true significance of that statement. Did Victor somehow sabotage Rulak and cause the other robot to self-terminate or was he that badly damaged? Also, we get that HUGE reveal about Two’s connection to Android. Did he recognize Android as Suki and Two as Rebecca? Was he working with Chase to somehow trick Two into coming back with her newly upgraded nanonites?

Why do you have to be so damn shady, Victor? I was pulling for you and Android…Suki? Android. Victor has made no secret that he distrusts humans. Even last season, he warned Android that the Raza crew would eventually turn on her. When he was helping her unearth those memories this week, I was pretty worried that he would find something to sway her to his way of thinking. Silly me, I know. How awesome was it to see those early moments with Two taking over the ship (without Three’s help). Five and Two programming Android to have more freedom of will. Not like the upgrade she later gets from Victor, but the start (or so we thought). That amazing scene between Android and Four. So many great moments that managed to re-affirm Android’s bond with her crew.

We now have a whole new perspective for some of the things Two did in the past before losing her memories. She took over the Raza and gave Android control of the ship. We’ve always known that Two harbored a soft spot for Android, but this week’s episode revealed how much deeper that connection ran. It turns out that Android/Suki is the spitting image of her creator and Two’s former lover, Dr. Irina Shaw.

The good doctor worked for Dwarf Star Technologies where Two was created and she was instrumental in Two’s escape. How strange that she was so inspired by Two/Rebecca, that she sought to give Android, Victor and the others the viral coding that would allow them to develop free will and eventual emotions, and then Two even sans memories would be inspired to do the same. Or did Two still have her memories at that point and was trying to connect with the lover she’d lost? So many questions.

What happens now that Sarah’s consciousness has been downloaded into one of the machines? Three was initially wary, but grew supportive of the idea if it meant getting his love back in the real world. They’re separated when the GA pop up again. What is Victor’s endgame and how does it involve Sarah and Android? Will Two try to reconnect with her former love, Irina Shaw? Will Four and his new alliance with Alt-Boone and Alt-Portia come into play with whatever Victor is plotting? Either way the rest of this season should be pretty wild. Can’t wait and hope we get some good news soon #RenewDarkMatter. This show has a lot of story left to tell.


Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter


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