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‘The Flash’: What’s happening for season 4?

With two months to go until season 4, we have started getting some information on The Flash (thanks, San Diego Comic Con!) as well as our first look! Check out the first trailer below:

Do note that at the point the trailer was released, The Flash was still filming episode 2, so this material hardly gives us an overall look at the season. That said, there’s already quite a bit to talk about!


The first big thing about the trailer is Iris’ narration, which is totally awesome. Candice Patton stated at SDCC that Iris is stepping up to lead Team Flash in Barry’s absence, and the season will focus on her role in Star Labs. Last season, the character was rather passive despite the Iris-centric plot, so this sounds promising. One bummer – we still won’t see her at her actual job that much.

The cast also mentioned Iris will play a role in getting main man Barry Allen out of the speedforce – “to a degree” Patton claimed, but Grant Gustin exclaimed “Yeah, of course!” In the trailer, Cisco questions why Iris isn’t “in on this” – what does ‘this’ refer to? Perhaps Iris won’t be enthused about a plan to get Barry out.

Speaking of Barry and Iris – will we get a wedding? “We can’t [answer that question],” Gustin told interviewers.


One big question mark going into season 4 is what will happen of Caitlin, and the trailer raises even more questions. Her hair is her normal brown, not the white of Killer Frost which we last saw her with, and she wields Leonard Snart’s cold gun. Has she learnt to control her powers? She does have a choker on. Or is it another Caitlin doppelgänger?

the flash caitlin snow
Caitlin Snow(?) in the first season 4 trailer

Danielle Panabaker is apparently expert at dodging questions, but she did concede one piece of information: no love interest for Caitlin this season. She’ll be taking care of herself. Interestingly, Julian is absent from the trailer.


Our season 4 big bad is Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker, played by Neil Sandilands of The 100. In the comics, DeVoe is a failed lawyer who uses his intellect to help other villains. He has a ‘Thinking Cap’ device that allows him to project mental force. “The fastest man alive versus the fastest mind alive,” as EP Todd Helbing describes.

Another version of the Thinker, Cliff Carmichael, was Ronnie Raymond’s high school rival. Although we don’t know if this will be part of the Thinker character on the show, it would be interesting.

Without a speedster villain for once, season 4 will feature less time travel.

Meanwhile, some villains we see in the trailer are Peekaboo. There’s also a samurai guy who demands the Flash and whose sword projects some kind of force.

Friends and Allies

As we see in the trailer, Team Flash is still dealing with losing Barry in different ways. Most of them seem to be in a funk while Iris is soldiering on with her life as she promised Barry.

Cisco seems to be working on some gun-telescope cross of a device. Some fans theorise it’s a reverse-engineered speedforce bazooka, made to remove a speedster form the speedforce instead of imprison them there. Good things are also in store for our favourite engineer – according to Carlos Valdes, Cisco and Gypsy are “gonna reach a new level.”

Suiting up next to Vibe in the trailer is Kid Flash. This should be a season of growth for Wally, who “feels the pressure to do what he can” in Barry’s absence, per Keiynan Lonsdale.

the flash cisco ramon wally west
Wally and Cisco in the first Flash season 4 trailer

Tom Cavanagh is definitely returning, presumably as Earth 2’s “Harry” Wells, although he don’t see him in the trailer. Cavanagh also hinted at the possibility of seeing more Wellses later in the season. The actor will direct an episode again as well.

The Flash announced at SDCC that Elongated Man will make an appearance. Played by Hartley Sawyer (CaperKept Man), this metahuman helps the Flash capture villains in the comics.


We can’t have an article about The Flash without discussing, well, the Flash. Last we saw him, Barry entered the speedforce for an indeterminate amount of time. While not much was said about what’s happening to him in season 4, Gustin confirmed that he is “on the show”. YVRShoots also shared this BTS picture of Gustin in what appears to be the 2024 Flash costume.

the flash grant gustin bts
@yvrshoots twitter

The big picture

Already, s4 is hinting heavily at the Rebirth storyline of the Flash comics. Furthermore, episode 1 is titled “Reborn”. In Rebirth, Barry was in the speedforce for unknown reasons and upon leaving, started slowly transforming into the Black Flash. If you remember, the last Black Flash, formerly Hunter Zoloman, was just killed by Killer Frost.

A two-night crossover with Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow is also confirmed. Arrow will move to Monday after Supergirl for that week.

EP Todd Helbing said that The Flash aims to return to the lighter tone for season 4 after the darkness in s3. Reinforcing the “back to season 1” feel, the characters return to a place often visited in s1 – the airstrip. That was where Barry tested out his powers. Would that also be where they get him back?

What are your thoughts or predictions for season 4? Share them with us on twitter @Pure_Fandom and @ellenlakeHg.

The Flash season 4 premieres this fall on Tuesday, October 10, at 8/7c on the CW.

(featured image: the CW)


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