Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’ 1×08, “A Fistful of Blood”

Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’, episode 1×08, “A Fistful of Blood” aired on August 2, 2017

Before we get started, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Smax Candy. Without them, would any of us be here? Who’s to say? All I know is that this stuff is everywhere in Blood Drive, along with Kox meat apparently. Which is clearly the main sponsor of the entire Blood Race. Or it was. But everyone tastes the same on the grill.

Tune in as the Brad half of Brad and Cort allows fellow Blood Drive fan and Pure Fandom writer Sarah to join him for the breakdown of this week’s episode! As if being in the desert wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got a demanding sheriff who wants more from Arthur than he can give. But we all know how things are dealt with in the old west. Want more details? No problem, we’ve got them! Just listen in below and drop a comment to let us know what you thought of episode 1×08, “A Fistful of Blood”. What did you think of what happened to Arthur? And what about the tension between Grace and Slink?

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Blood Drive airs on Wednesdays on SyFy at 10/9c. Check out more podcasts from Brad and Cort Talk.

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