‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×08 “A Fistful of Blood”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “A Fistful of Blood”, Aired Aug 2, 2017

If there is one thing that defines Blood Drive (besides the blood, violence, and sex) it would be the music. The score is always on point for what we see splattered across the screen. Last week’s ending with K. Flay’s Blood in the Cut was beautifully on point. This week, composer Michael Gatt let us know what we were in for as Sexy Susie sped down the road into the wild wild Midwest.

This week’s show also took on an exciting multiple-point time lapse shoot, with everyone having story lines that overlapped quite often. These different camera angles paired with the overlapping points of view worked out wonderfully.

Red River

Day 10 of the race brings us to Red River, located somewhere along the Texas/Oklahoma border. Living life here near the Scar is more treacherous than living next to a Kox Meat Packer plant. Speaking of, did you get a glance at the Kox advertisement this week?


Electricity is banned in Red River which works out well for our trio as there is an EMP surrounding the town. While this doesn’t come into play in the story line, it does manage to take the brain bombs offline. Thanks to that, the trio is free of the exploding head syndrome. With those out, everyone is free to head off on their own. The Scholar is making a new friend, Grace has a discussion with Slink, and Arthur, well Arthur is trying to do good.

The Double Cross

Ever the cop, Arthur is enlisted by the local sheriff (forced actually) to help bring the group occupying power station to justice. It is worth noting if you run across someone who is always wearing mirrored sunglasses you shouldn’t trust them. Also, if the place you are going to sabotage is completely different than what you are told, then someone might be lying to you. One of these days Arthur will stop being a boy scout, right? Does the world of Blood Drive have Boy Scouts or do they only have Blood Scouts? Inquiring minds want to know.

Even though he should have known better, Arthur completes his assignment which leads to the entire camp being sent to jail to await. This whole event winds up with Arthur dangling at the bottom of a noose. If there is one thing Arthur is good at though, it is avoiding death. Lucky for him, Grace can multitask.


Free of the rope, Arthur takes on the Sheriff. How the Sheriff knew about the diary is a mystery. Perhaps the Scar told him? Dead men with red sockets where their eyes should be don’t talk. Unfortunately, Arthur took a bullet during that fight.

Unwashed Ethiopian peaberry

The plans Grace had for killing Slink did not work out the way she expected. We did learn a few more things about him during their discussion, however. Namely, he can heal. If you remember back to episode one, Arthur threw a knife at Slink that stuck into his hand. We didn’t see it heal, but we did see his hand heal this time. Whatever happened to Slink that he was made (or created?), will probably trickle out as the show progresses. For now, we know he is invincible. Knife through the hand and set on fire. That does put things in a new perspective for Grace. Makes you wonder if she ever managed to see the Highlander movies. Well, just the first one – we won’t talk about those other movies.


“Wow, Your life reads like one long depressing country song.” Julian Slink

Always one step ahead of the game, Slink shows that he is not always in control. He is the one that chose Grace to be his badass battle bitch for the Blood Drive and knew what could happen when he sent them to Red River. Although he wasn’t able to kill her (it is only episode eight, after all), it poses a question: Will Grace and Arthur continue with the race? Surely they must in some capacity, but they aren’t forced to race as of now. Now that we know Heart wants Grace alive, it is clear there are bigger plans to come. The question as to why is always lingering in the background of this show.

Love, true love

The city went downhill fast in the 10 days that Christopher has been inside the Heart facility. The ContraCrime station is in disarray, and the city is vacant… except for those gang members that want to kill Christopher. With the tape removed from his camera eye, Aki is on the way. In the meantime, Christopher discovers another new upgrade – a telescoping brain piercer from his super eye. Not only did it pierce the guy’s brain, it caused all his blood to force out of the hole.


We knew it was coming. You saw it more in the previous scene. Aki was missing Christopher. Once she found him, and they started to get it on, his programming exploded in a moment of android ecstasy. Aki began to become human because the connection with Christopher caused a kernel boot error and a server stack overflow. In layman’s terms, she loves him now also. Now these two are getting out of the city.


There’s a new Sheriff in town

Everyone cheered when the Scholar double crossed The Gentleman, which again, goes to show you shouldn’t be a dick and annoy your tech support guy. With that freedom, we are left to wonder what will become of him. Becoming the Sheriff of Red River is a far cry from what I expected. It seems the guy who has been crapped on the entire race has won the race to happiness by finding his soulmate. Couldn’t be happier for the guy.



The Scholar identified a sedan in Red River that was a nuclear fusion sedan. Did you know that was actually a thing back in the 1950’s and 1960’s? Well, at least in concept it was.

There was the American Ford Nucleon and Studebaker Packard Astral. The French had the Simca Fulgur and the Arbel Symmetric. None of these vehicles made it past the concept point. The shielding required to protect the drive made the vehicles inconceivable. Somehow, the Blood Drive world solved that problem, although chances are, they didn’t do it well. The value on human life is slightly lower in that world.

David Bloomer/Syfy


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