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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12: Spoiler free review

Teen Wolf is back and with just 9 episodes left in the series, every second counts. 6×11 kicked off the final set of episodes and it was a great start but it left us with a lot of questions. Looking to 6×12, we have many things we need answered and a few more characters to check in on. Check out our spoiler free preview of what’s to come in Teen Wolf 6×12!

Ow, my heart. What happens after a villain stops being villain? In this character’s case, it’s sort of tragic. Rock bottom is hard but it’s even harder when you don’t have a friend in the world, especially when some freaky shiz goes down. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged for a dude that once plotted against all of the main characters.

Scott’s fear. There is a strong focus on Scott in this episode and it’s great. The theme of fear really starts to open up in 6×12. Scott’s fear pulls us back to season 1 and it’s a really cool moment. It will look familiar too because it was one of the sneak peeks that we got before the start of the season. The rest of the scene (the part you haven’t seen) is what makes it so chilling though.


Liam and Mason. I don’t think I can express how much I love Mason and Liam in this episode. LOVE THEM. I know some of you are sad that Hayden is gone but I think her exit really opened the door for these delightful Mason and Liam scenes. They switch from hilarious to detective in an instant and they need to in 6×12 because some creepy stuff goes down.

Lydia. There is a Lydia moment that makes me so happy! She is so strong and this moment just solidifies that. A fear monster can’t hurt you when you’re fearless. Slay on girl.

Hunters! Miss Monroe is on the hunt again and her ability to go from sweet teacher to killer huntress is pretty frickin’ cool (as seen in the sneak peek below). She makes a new friend and it doesn’t look good for the supernaturals of Beacon Hills. It seems everyone is against them, not just the new guidance counselor.

Prepare for the Scalia. The Malia/Scott chemistry was always there but now we get to see them notice it too. Most of their scenes are together making for more than one “awwww” moment.

Pacing. I actually like the pacing of this episode better than 6×11. Instead of trying to cram so much in, it really just flows. Argent(s) return and things get crazy but you can start to see the threads that everyone is on start to intersect. 6b is starting to feel like a carefully woven spider web and we can’t wait to meet the spider.

Scalia score: 7/10 (The heat is on!)

Stydia score: 0/10 (Nada)

Lydia being fierce AF score: 10/10

Creepy factor: 8/10 (Holy spiders and a creepy locker room incident)

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Watch Teen Wolf 6×12 on Sunday 8/6 at 8:00/7:00(c) on MTV

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