A ‘Sweet Valley High’ remake is happening and we’ve got the dream cast!

’90s kids, rejoice! One of your favorite TV and book series is coming back in the form of a movie reboot! Sweet Valley High, based off the books by Francine Pascal, is being taken and made into a movie! Kirsten Smith and Harper Dill are the writers left in charge of the legacy. Smith is known for her work on Legally Blonde and 10 Things I hate About You. Two movies that were also major hits in their time and still considered favorites now. Dill is currently working on The Mick, and we all know that’s doing well!

But it’s never just about the writers. The cast is a huge part of what makes a movie successful and pulls in an audience. So who would our dream cast be? Keep reading to find out!

Jessica Wakefield

Sweet Valley High


Jessica Wakefield was originally played by Brittany Daniel and she played it remarkably! I think Dove Cameron would do a phenomenal job in filling the shoes! She’s a major up-and-coming actress, and she definitely has the skill to make Brittany Daniel proud!

Jessica Wakefield was the wild child of Sweet Valley High. Especially in comparison to her twin sister Elizabeth. Captain of the cheerleading squad, Jess tended to be more concerned about fashion and status than she was about grades and the feelings of those around her. Although she could be a bit of a snob, Jess did care very deeply about her friends and family. She also had a very special bond with her twin sister.

Elizabeth Wakefield

Sweet Valley High

Elizabeth Wakefield was played by Brittany Daniel’s real life twin sister, Cynthia Daniel. While Peyton List isn’t Dove Cameron’s twin, the two look remarkably similar! They would play great on screen siblings! And List has the same on screen presence that Cynthia always seemed to. I don’t think there is anyone better to make Cynthia proud!

Although Elizabeth Wakefield cared much more about grades and helping others than her twin, she still rivaled Jess in the popularity department. Liz always had an extremely sweet disposition and many of those around her confided in her often. Always compassionate and and practical, Elizabeth constantly puts others well being above her own.

Enid Rollins

Sweet Valley High

Enid Rollins was played by the charismatic Amy Danles. No matter how awful Enid got, Amy always made it so you couldn’t help but love her. She was the resident bad girl of Sweet Valley High! There is no better young actress out there that knows how to play such a part quite like Emma Roberts! Roberts has already played a wide variety of roles, including both good and evil. But you always loved her regardless.

Enid always had an on and off relationship with Elizabeth Wakefield. They would be best friends for a while, and then they wouldn’t speak. Just to pick things back up all over again. There is little to no love between Enid and Jess due to Liz’s twin thinking Enid is a bad influence. Despite never being able to resist trouble, Enid did always do her best to remain good hearted.

Winston Egbert

Sweet Valley High

The goofy yet lovable Winston Egbert was played by the equally as lovable Michael Perl. He was one of the first onscreen characters to make geeky adorable! Who better to play such a part than Christopher Mintz-Plasse? He is an expert at making geek totally lovable! Christopher has the experience and the same type of humor that Perl always seems to bring to the part.

Winston had a dry wit that never failed to make those around him smile. He also had a massive crush on Jessica! Of course, he did change his demeanor during the college years and become a a cutthroat businessman.

Todd Wilkins

Sweet Valley High

Much sought after jock of Sweet Valley High, Todd Wilkins was originally played by heartthrob Ryan Bittle. So naturally, it’s only right to have another heartthrob play him in a reboot. What better one could there be than Colton Haynes? He has the acting range to play an intelligent overachiever and the typical popular jock at the same time. Plus, I mean, look at the man!

Todd Wilkins is one of the most popular boys in school that all the girls want. That includes both Jessica and Elizabeth! The twins both have romantic feelings for Todd, but he seems to be more interested in Liz. Of course, this changes later on and he plays both sides of the field. Despite all this, Todd does still have a sensitive side and does his best to care about the people around him.

Bruce Patman

Sweet Valley High

Beloved and sometimes disliked, Bruce Patman was originally played by Brock Burnett. He could easily pull in any girl with that dark hair and those beautiful eyes. If there’s anyone you try to picture in your head with that description now, it’s definitely going to be Zac Efron. He has played a wide variety of parts and could handle this one like a pro. Plus, he’s just as gorgeous as Burnett!

Bruce is ridiculously wealthy, so of course this means he can also be ridiculously snobby at times. He tends to be indecisive when it comes to who his heart belongs to, but he does care deeply and tends to fall in love easily. Despite his rough and tough exterior, Bruce does let his small amount of compassion out when it counts. When he decides there is someone who deserves his loyalty, he gives it wholeheartedly.

What do you think of our dream Sweet Valley High cast? Who would you pick? Let us know in the comments below! And stick with Pure Fandom for all things entertainment!


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