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‘Dark Matter’ recap: The Raza lands on Terra Prime in Ep 3×09, “Isn’t That a Paradox?”

Dark Matter, episode 3×09, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” aired on Jul 28, 2017

Welcome to the neighborhood, gang! Last week ended with the Blink Drive sending out an electrical blast that knocked out everyone on board. This week’s episode, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” picks up with the crew awakening to a whole new reality. Instead of punching through to a parallel universe, the Blink Drive pulled a Delorean and took our Raza Crew back in time.

And what an enjoyable ride it was (the episode, not the actual time-traveling). Logical as ever, Android breaks the news that the star formations are out of wack because they have traveled 600 years. Three sounds oddly hopeful when he asks if they’ve somehow traveled that far into the future. Nope. Sorry, guys. You’ve landed smackdab into 2017. Welcome to the time of Reddit, video games, extreme couponing, and Uber. They actually end up with a pretty sweet set up thanks to Android. She gets them new identification, wheels, and a house because she’s not certain that 2017 Terra Prime/Earth has the needed components to fix the wonky Blink Drive.

Two actually isn’t opposed to the idea of being stuck in the past. The GA and the war are 600 years away. There’s chocolate and we even get a quick cameo with Two and her real-life fur baby. I’m with Two. The Raza could totally use a four-legged friend running around. It would be great for morale. Three did have a point though about messing up the timeline by removing anything or anyone (even a doggie) from that period in time. Boo, Three! He’s extra grumpy and not liking the idea of living his life away from Sarah, maybe? Two would’ve gotten bored with the “soccer mom” persona that Android created for her sooner than later.

The crew move into their temporary new home and of course immediately attract the attention of their curious (nosy) neighbors. The young kids across the street immediately suspect that the Raza crew are shady and up to no good. Initially, they’re sure that the crew are Russian spies, but everything changes when they get a look at the ship. They really need some kind of cloaking feature for times like these.

An asset, as usual, Android binged all things 21st-century pop culture and she has the language down completely. The crew really should’ve taken a quick course themselves. Six’s conversation with one of their new neighbors was especially hilarious after the man walked away and Six asks Android, “What’s football?” Apparently, that pastime didn’t survive the centuries or light years, but Quidditch, he’s familiar with. Five appeared to be holding her own, in her role as a sullen teenager with a fascination for mini-cupcakes and video games.

The crew discovers a matching signal that alerts them that another Blink Drive exists somehow in the past. They figure out that they aren’t the only one who has traveled from the future. Three is hopeful that they’ll be able to use the other Blink Drive to make their way back to their own timeline. Enter the wild moment at the neighborhood potluck when the Two and Three are recognized. As in, this guy recognizes our badass future-selves. The professor was super obvious about it, but tried to play it off. One would think that he would take off for home, but he stuck around. This gave Two and Three the time to sneak off and investigate his house where they found a lab retrofitted with tech that definitely didn’t belong in the 21st century. Then they found other Blink Drive that their sensors had been picking up. Unfortunately, they weren’t as careful as they should have been in handling the suitcase and tripped a booby trap. Once again, the duo finds themselves knocked out and tied up for good measure when the professor returns home. They convince the man that they weren’t sent to track him down, and they need his help getting home. They couldn’t have found a better person since it turns out that the professor created the Blink Drive(s).

Six and the other realize that there’s a problem when they can’t bring Two and Three up via the communicator, but Six must head back to the location where they left the Maurader after one of the sensors is tripped. Forget about keeping their presence a secret and not messing with the timeline. The neighbor kids follow and see the ship. They even take pictures that get intercepted by their concerned parents. Oops. Of course, the parents turn over the pictures to the Sherriff and here come Agent Scully and Mulder.

Okay, maybe not those two, but Six is taken in by Deputy who is very insistent that Six spill all of his secrets before the “Men in Black” can arrive. Thankfully, Android and Five save the day yet again. They manage to extract Two and Three from their uncomfortable situation and grab up Six before making tracks for their own timeline. Five is able to use the professor’s Blink Drive to go back in time to that morning where she sets a pulse that will knock out anyone in close proximity to the Maurader.

Back in their own timeline, Two and Five are enjoying some much needed downtime, playing video games in their pajamas. Android gets an “SOS” from her old friend (potential boo) Victor. YES!! Next week’s episode should be very interesting. What with Victor’s return. Android’s malfunctioning upgrade. Alt-Portia and Alt-Boone teaming up with Ryo (WTF?!!!!). Oh this is going to be really good.

What did you think of tonight’s all-new episode 3×09, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” Hit the comments and let us know. Be sure to watch the show live when possible and drop a few lines on your favorite social media for Syfy to #RenewDarkMatter. We absolutely need this show back for a season four.


Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott

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