Here’s why you’re going to love Disney’s ‘Descendants 2’

Last Friday was the premiere of the eagerly anticipated Disney’s Descendants 2. Once again, we find ourselves in Auradon with a mixture of the next generation of our favorite heroes and villains. Here are the highlights of what you have to look forward to in the latest installment of our story.

The Old Kids

Disney's Descendants 2

Thank the Disney gods, we are still dealing with the core cast from the original movie. Evie, Jay, and Carlos are settling into their new lives quite nicely, while Mal still seems to be having some trouble adjusting. But with the help of her friends, and boyfriend King Ben, she is able to figure out exactly who she is and where she belongs.

The New Kids

Disney's Descendants 2

That being said, we do have some new players on the board and they are absolutely magical! The leader of the crew is Uma, daughter of Ursula the Sea Witch. Her right hand man (and in my head love interest) is Harry, son of Captain Hook. And their… sidekick? …is Gil, the son of Gaston, though he seems to act more like LeFou… speculate as you will.

The Classic Easter Eggs

Disney's Descendants 2

Once again we get the wonderful Easter Eggs that remind us of our favorite Disney classics. There were a few that they pointed out, such as Uma wearing Ursula’s magic necklace. But my favorites were the understated ones that were just there for us to simply enjoy. There were signs all around the Isle of the Lost for different businesses run by the villains. But also, all of the children wear the colors that we associate with their parents, i.e. Harry wears red and dresses like a pirate.

Soundtrack and Dancing

Disney's Descendants 2

A Disney movie is not complete without a catchy soundtrack that we can’t get out of our heads. This movie will have your friends and family wondering why you’re so obsessed with being “W-I-C-K-E-D”. Also, Kenny Ortega never disappoints us with his superior choreography and this is no exception. I’m sure that before long we will have a dance-along special showing us how to do these wickedly cool moves.

If you missed the premiere of Descendant’s 2 or you just can’t wait for the next time it comes on, you can log on to WatchDisney with your cable provider information and watch it online!

Stay Rotten!

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