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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×11: Spoiler free review!

One week to go and with all of the trailers and SDCC info coming out, we are swimming in Teen Wolfy goodness this week! Season 6b debuts on July 30th and we have all of the (spoiler free) deets for you!

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If the lengthy wait between 6a and 6b bummed you out, prepare for 6×11 to give you a jolt of excitement for what’s to come. You will laugh, you will shiver, you will squeal and you will be forced to face your own biggest fear: the final stretch of one of the best shows on TV.

Let’s start with Scott

The start of this episode really gives me the vibe that this is all coming back to Scott. The other characters on the show are incredible and important but this all started with Scott and it should end with him. He is the teen wolf and this is his story. Episode 6×11 gives me hope that that’s exactly what we are going to get and I love it. He also feels so mature in this episode. Our baby is grown! (sob!)

New characters!

Don’t groan! I know that we talk (at length) about wanting the focus to be on the original crew and I totally still do BUT the newbies are super interesting. Perhaps the most intriguing of the new characters is the new counselor. Her character really seems like she thinks she is doing the right thing with the actions she takes. I feel like she truly believes that she is the hero of this story, which is going to make this all the more compelling.

The new Hell Hound makes a pretty epic debut and really opens a door to the Hell Hound mythology that we haven’t had before. He is also at the center of a lot of action. Nolan has a very mysterious vibe but we don’t really dive into his character just yet. Can’t wait to see what they do this season!

The chuckles

Season 6a really focused on the raw emotion and drama of losing people but (Liam and Theo aside) there wasn’t much humor. 6b hits the ground running with the laughs of previous seasons and it’s such a breath of fresh air. The comedic timing of Mason, Liam and sometimes a reluctant Corey are exactly what we need in 6b. Saying goodbye is going to be hard so having a few chuckles on the goodbye tour softens the blow of it all. Also, Malia is particularly charming this episode.

Creepy AF

This show has done some scary things in its time but this episode really kicks up the creepy! Remember when there were a bunch of gross bug things happening in Season 3?  Think that but creepier! And it’s not just bugs! Lydia has a super trippy hallucination that still has me totally creeped the F out!

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For so long now Scott’s pack has been charged with protecting the town and Lydia’s powers have been pivotal in that mission. Now that they are planning to go away to college, Lydia seems to be the one most hesitant to leave. But that could be because she is thrown into some unsettling situations in 6×11 and the fear aspect of this season seems to really start with Lydia’s vision. Her moments are chilling and when most characters would run away screaming, Lydia leans into the terror in an effort to gather all the info she can because our girl is strong AF!


I touched on Liam’s humorous moments in this episode but it was the serious side of Liam’s story in 6×11 that I really loved. Liam has always been more of a side character with minor issues (and too much romance) but this episode really puts a spotlight on his struggle. I have never been more interested in Liam than I was in 6×11. And his fights scenes are AMAZING!


Not gonna lie, it’s slim pickings. There isn’t any physical interaction but Stiles does mention her. The moment is super brief but it has a quiet little charm to it. What I found particularly sweet was Lydia not wanting to call him back to this fight for fear of losing him again. #Awwwww


Dylan may not be credited in this episode (sneaky, sneaky) but he is in 6×11. And he feels like vintage Stiles. I refuse to ruin this part in the episode for you but just know that he is in 6×11 and it’s awesome. There is a little twist in his scene that I didn’t see coming and you will love it!

My only worry is that there is too much going on but if anyone can juggle it, its Teen Wolf. It’s a visually cool episode and any time we get a slow motion Stiles entrance, Scott being an incredible leader, lots of laughs and the seeds of a new mystery, I know this fandom will be happy. You get all that and more in 6×11.

Welcome back Teen Wolf, we missed you dearly! 

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Teen Wolf  season 6B returns July 30th on MTV.  



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