5 Reasons you should watch Netflix’s ‘One Day at a Time’

Netflix has done it again with another fantastic reboot! Granted, I have never seen the original One Day at a Time series, but I have already watched the entire first season of the reboot. Here are the top five reasons to watch One Day at a Time on Netflix.

1. The Latina twist

5 Reasons To Watch One Day At A Time

The reason that it was so easy for me to get into this show was the fact it revolves around a Cuban family. No, I am not Hispanic; but, I do have family and friends that are, so I spent a lot of time around the culture growing up. The energy is just so infectious that you can’t help but fall in love with every single storyline this show throws at you! Plus, every now and then you can scream: ¡Azucar!

2. Single mom, AKA badass

5 Reasons To Watch One Day At A Time

Penelope Alvarez is recently divorced, an Army veteran, a single mom…and she’s a nurse! She really is amazing. She proves that there are women who really can do it all. She also relies heavily on the help of her mom for the day-to-day things with housekeeping and helping with her kids, and she is no less of a person for it. This family dynamic is truly #goals.

3. Coming out story line

5 Reasons To Watch One Day At A Time

A big selling point for me was the inclusion of a lesbian character. The daughter of the main character, Elena, is a 15-year-old girl who is very opinionated on a lot of topics. Over the course of the season, she even finds the courage to admit to not only her family, but also herself, that she is a lesbian. There is slight hesitation from her family, but ultimately everyone (except her absentee father) accepts her with open arms.

4. Political issues

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They handle the controversial political issues with absolute grace. Penelope experiences horrible service from the VA simply trying to get an appointment to treat a shoulder that was injured while serving her country in Afghanistan. Also, since the show revolves around immigrants, the sensitive topic of immigration to the United States is brought up. The cast all have a completely adult debate where everyone walks away having learned a little about their peers, as well as a recurring cast member being personally affected.

5. Schneider

5 Reasons To Watch One Day At A Time

Last, but certainly not least, is the landlord that has adorably weaseled his way into the family dynamic, Schneider. Even though I do low-key ship him with Penelope, I do love how there isn’t a lot of sexual tension between them. He simply fits into the family without being actually related or being in a relationship with Penelope. Now if something changes that later, I’d be totally fine with it. For now, I just love how he can be there for her and her entire family without hitting on her all the time. Also, he’s hilarious and you can’t watch a scene he is in without smiling.

It has just been renewed for season 2, but season 1 is on Netflix right now!

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