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‘Dark Matter’ recap: The enemy among them in ep 3×08, “Hot Chocolate”

Dark Matter, episode 3×08, “Hot Chocolate” aired on July 21, 2017

Hitting play on this week’s episode, I was fairly certain that this would be an Android-centric episode. Last season, Two and Android had that great moment of bonding over hot chocolate and it was just their thing. I kept wondering if the title meant that we would see the return of Android’s season almost boyfriend, Victor. Or was her upgrade having a major malfunction? Would we find out the reason for Android’s menacing behavior from the end of last week’s episode? So many questions going in and boy did they give us some very unexpected answers. If you have not seen this episode yet, please be advised that this episode recap for 3×08, “Hot Chocolate” will contain spoilers. 

Alas, Android’s potential bae, Victor does not return this reason. Darn. Double darn. However, we do finally discover why Android has been acting not quite herself lately. She’s been hacked! In his quest to steal the Blink Drive back from his old crewmates, Ryo exploits a vulnerability in the Android’s programming. The crew never see this dual-betrayal coming. Well, except for Five. The youngest crew member notices that something is off with Android early in the episode. It’s a good thing because she has just enough time to grab the Blink Drive and find a hidey-hole when Android helps Ryo take over the Raza.

It turns out that Android has reactivated the transfer pods without the rest of the crew realizing what’s happened and heavily armed Ryo’s clone and the small army that he brings along. Six has been distracted by the political drama with the delegates working towards maintaining their independence. So, it’s understandable that he doesn’t immediately notice the menacing expression on Android’s normally amenable face. Poor Android has basically become a vehicle for hijacker Korvik. She knocks out an unsuspecting Six and easily cows the delegates who are apparently not much for fighting.

Two and Three are not easily caught. Three ends up in a shoot-out with Ryo’s group, while Two finally faces off with their old friend. All of her grief and anger over what he’s done comes to fore and so commences one amazing knock-down drag out. Two appeared ready to serve one hell of a beatdown, but then Ryo came back to give it right back to her. While they both seemed to be working through a lot of aggression and frustration, it never feels as though this is the moment when they’re both going for each other’s death. Ryo hasn’t quite crossed that particular line yet. He tells his group that they’re to capture his old crew and use non-lethal means. It stands to reason, though that at some point Ryo will cross the final line where his old crew will have no choice but to take him out. Two does discover the truth about his involvement in Nyx’s death. I’m still holding out for some kind of redemption for Ryo/Four at some point. Perhaps because I selfishly do not want to lose Alex Mallari Jr from this amazing cast. Whatever happens though, it will definitely be interesting. 

Five saves the day. AGAIN. She’s so badass. From her hidey-hole, Five manages to interface with Sarah. Thankfully, Sarah has access to all of the ship’s functions. Before Android lost control completely, she was able to ensure that the ship wouldn’t be in complete lockdown mode and the crew wouldn’t be left as sitting ducks waiting for Ryo’s goon squad. Once Five is finally confronted by hijacked Android, she pulls an unexpected ace and says the special code word, “Hot Chocolate” (hello, title) and she initiates a hard reset. Five can always be counted upon to have contingency upon contingency. She teams up with Sarah to ensure that Korvik will never become a problem for the crew again. They basically hijack his brain and leave him a prisoner in his own head. For a moment I thought that they had literally somehow spaced him, but nope this was worse for him. Alive, but floating and alone in this mental void. Unable to communicate with anyone ever again and just a forever guest of that mental void.

Besides that amazing fight scene with Two, Ryo spent much of the episode trying to negotiate for custody of the Blink Drive. First, he tries working out a deal with his old crew, but fails spectacularly. Then he tries leveraging the delegates against the crew and he hints at the existence of the powerful drive. He tells them that it would help Zairon immensely in the war against Ferris Corp which would benefit the colonies fighting for their independence from the corporations. Six tries to warn the group that Ryo cannot be trusted to keep his word, but they’re swayed by Ryo’s offer to help them gain admittance to the League of Autonomous Worlds.

Two and the rest of the crew manage to re-take the Raza. They send Clone Ryo packing with his memories intact and without the Blink Drive. Two levels a warning that the next time they meet, she won’t hesitate to kill him if he ever threatens a member of her crew ever again. Damn, but it had to be said. Too much has passed and when it comes down to it, if she has to choose between protecting the remaining and her former friend, Ryo will lose. I’m not ready for that.

Because it’s what they do, the show manages to slip in a new twist to leave us hanging on until the next new episode. Android is back to her old self and hacker-free. She and Five are tinkering with the Blink Drive when Android gets this “oh s@#t” look on her face. Right after an electrical charge hits not only them but everyone else on the ship. Last time the drive did it’s thing by mistake, the crew ended up meeting alternate versions of themselves. Will be interesting to see what the effects are this time around. What did you think of this week’s all new episode? Hit the comments below and be sure to follow PureFandom for coverage of San Diego Comic Con this weekend.


Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9/8c

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