‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×06 “Booby Traps”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 6, “Booby Traps”, Aired July 19, 2017
Day 6 of the Blood Drive leaves us with a lingering question. Just where do they find the people to fuel the cars at the beginning of the race? With Slink in control, you can just imagine those people paid to be there. Imagine the ad in the Meadville Times — “This weekend only, your chance to get up close and personal with the drivers from Blood Drive. Tickets only $49.99.” A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Going Global

Yet again Slink is not available to watch the race because the corporate big wigs have cornered him in an office. With Blood Drive now going global, Slink is slated for replacement. Corporate types right? They wouldn’t know a master of the stage when one is sitting right in front of them. Does make one curious as to who they would replace him with?

They say that viewership has increased in his absence, though, so maybe the world would not go into a rage like a teenager who ate a case of Smax candy bars. The Syfy audience might go into that rage though if Slink ever disappears from our screens.

Rise up and fight

Medical facilities do not do well in this bloody new world. Just like Kane Hill, Meadville was also taken over by the patients. The revolt was lead by Karma who moved straight into martyrdom for the women West Canyon Resort and Spa. We knew the world was a bleak place, but hearing of another fallen facility does make you wonder how many others have been taken over by the patients.


While Carolina does tell Grace that Karma fell in the fight, we are still left with the “no body, not dead” situation. Being by herself, there is no verification that Karma is dead other than taking Carolina’s word for it. Sure, there is a good chance she could be dead, but I am predicting that we have not seen the last of Karma.

With Grace believing that her sister is dead, that story line has wrapped itself up for the time being. She quickly falls into the darkness for leaving her sister to the fate. The one thing that Grace had been racing for has now been taken away. The revelation that she is to blame for her sister’s death leads Grace on a path of self-destruction. After taking a beating from Carolina, it looks like our heroine might be able to move forward with Arthur’s plan of taking down Heart Enterprises.


All you need is love


While these two have some issues to work on, there is no couple more loving than Cliff and Domi on television. These two are the perfect couple. When you are on the verge of getting killed but can ask your wife to do it instead, that is love there, kids. With one little conversation through morse code, Domi went to her loving husband’s aid. She also severely decreased the population of West Canyon in the process. It is great to see these two happy together doing what they love — killing other people.

Terminate, Immolate, Exsanguinate, Corrective Action


On the other scale of messed up couples, we have Christopher and Aki. Having gone undercover, Christopher is working on his relationship with an autonomous kinetic intercourse machine with no emotions. Well, maybe some feelings are floating around in Aki’s programming. Her reactions when Chris says he is going out for a drink after work speaks volumes. Still, Aki appears to override the option for killing Chris off more than once.


Now that Christopher has received the promotion to security, thanks to Aki, he manages to make it into the Hall of Records. A great revelation is revealed to him once he meets up with Slink. Knowing that Aki is watching his every move should make things slightly harder for him. Speaking of the camera in his eye, did you notice the camera view from his eye? It indicated Christopher 2.0. The new and improved version of Christopher now that Aki has installed a new eye along with a few other helpful devices. A power puker that shoots out unnatural body fluid colors has to be very disconcerting. With the job post, you have to wonder if Christopher also received a free upgrade we have yet to discover since Aki did mention it last week.

Race Theories and Vehicles.


New race theory this week! Like many timed race events, the group of racers is split in two. The fastest from the last heat and the slowest from the last heat. Having two groups could explain the massive leap in Domi and Cliff’s position along with Grace and Arthur’s. This theory also helps explain why there weren’t 28 cars on the starting line this week. Okay, yes I suppose it could be because of budget issues, but hey just trying to rationalize a show on television.

The vehicle lineup this week

  • 1970’s era Ford F-150 is driven by Cowboy.
  • Volkswagen Karma Ghia, 1960-63 driven by Chainsaw Larry.
  • Late 1990’s Ford Crown Victoria was driven by Robotard 9000.
  • 1978 Corvette Indy 500 Special Edition model is driven by Abby the Nun.
  • Toyota Prius is driven by Cliff and Domi
  • Jeep Cherokee unknown year and driver
  • Range Rover unknown year was driven by Raul
  • Toyota Prius is driven by Cliff and Domi
  • 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is driven by Clown Tits?

Can anyone identify the car in the picture above? Not the Mach 1, the four door. I have been trying to figure this one out for a while now and have nothing. If you look closely, you will see it is a right-hand drive car. The show was shot in South Africa if that helps. I will keep working on identifying it.

We say goodbye to Robotard 9000 and Raul. The Savageland is savage after all. Guessing that no one else would die if they came in last since these two bit it, but Slink makes the rules, so who knows. Pretty sure Domi and Cliff are no longer in second place though, but hey, those crazy kids are in love so that’s all that matters.

Don’t think the car in 12th position is getting overlooked either. Substitute drivers? Did Clown Dick have someone in his trunk that is taking over for him? Is this a Heart Enterprise plant? Just who is this Clown Tits anyhow? That’s it! I am calling the complaint line!

What did you think of this week’s Blood Drive? Did you call the Complaint Line at 325-400-DGAF? If you didn’t, you need to. Don’t have anything negative to say, well head on over to Syfy’s Blood Drive page to listen in on some of the wonderful NSFW messages the complaint line has received.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Don’t forget to check us out here for more Syfy fandom news!


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Featured image: David Bloomer/Syfy


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