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10 San Diego Comic Con exclusive booths you must check out if you’re going

It’s that time of year again, folks. San Diego Comic Con is starting with its preview night Wednesday, July 19th in all of its glory. There will be plenty of things to do between then and the 23rd, including panels, autographs, merchandise, and meeting your favorite celebrities from literally every show there is. I’m not kidding. There are booths and panels for just about every major fandom. So if you’re one of the lucky chosen ones attending, you’ll just have to make a little room in that schedule to hit some of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive booths.

San Diego Comic Con is known for putting out some of the most coveted collectible items that are only available during their con, and with a limited availability. Some of the most expensive variant comic covers and Funko POP! figures are the rare San Diego exclusives. So where do you even start in trying to hunt down these hard to find items? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the top 10 San Diego Comic Con exclusive booths you need to check out if you’re going to the con:

Alex Ross Art

Booth #2415 

san diego comic con exclusive
Alex Ross

You’ve seen his art before, I’m sure. This comic con he has an exclusive 2017 hardcover sketchbook for a reasonable $30. You can also check out some of his prints and lithographs that are signed, anywhere from $100-200 if you’re a big fan.



Booth #401

san diego comic con exclusive

This one is for the Sailor Moon fans! Bluefin has a $7 Bandai Shokugan Sailor Moon Mini Compact Case Pocket Watch that is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. There’s also a pretty cool Pegasus message case for about $30.

BOOM! Studios

Booth #2229

san diego comic con exclusive
This booth has a ton of comics that are San Diego Comic Con exclusives. The main collectible is an Adventure Time/Regular Show #1 exclusive for $10. However, you can also find other titles like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Misfit City, Steven Universe, and WWE.

Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Booth #2615

san diego comic con exclusive
Any American Gods fans out there? Dark Horse Comics is releasing a Shadows #1 variant cover with Mad Sweeney on it. Only $10. We’re in love.

Entertainment Earth, Inc.

Booth #2343

san diego comic con exclusive

Not gonna lie, I expected a little bit more from Entertainment Earth, but they did have something that stood out to me. Spice up your office space with their San Diego Comic Con exclusive chair capes. Yea, that’s right. You can look like Batman or Superman all day for only $25.

Factory Entertainment

Booth #2647

san diego comic con exclusive
Factory Entertainment did a pretty darn good job, and has some featured exclusives for multiple fandoms. If you’re a Game of Thrones lover you must check it out. They’ve got some exclusive dragon plush sets ($35) as well as a ‘Hand of the Queen’ replica bottle-opener ($20). There’s also plenty in the way of Marvel merch, with a super rad Stan Lee God Woke signature edition graphic novel ($250).

Graphitti Designs

Booth #2314

san diego comic con exclusive
DC Comics
Comic variants galore, people. There’s some major DC Comics exclusive covers. Ranging from Batman, to Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, the Justice League, and Green Lantern, you can pick up a variant for a reasonable $15.

Loot Crate, Inc.

Booth #3635

san diego comic con exclusive
Loot Crate

Loot Crate only has one exclusive at their booth, but for Rick and Morty fans it is totally worth it. For $20 they’ve got a “Peace Among Worlds” Rick figure variant.

Monogram International Inc

Booth #3645

san diego comic con exclusive
Harry Potter fans rejoice. Monogram has released San Diego Comic Con exclusive mugs for the con. The set comes with a Hedwig owl mug and a Newt Scamander embossed stein for $30.

Toynk Toys, LLC

Booth #815

san diego comic con exclusive

I’m not much of a pin person myself, but I totally could become one with some of the designs Toynk Toys, LLC is bringing. Groot, Negan, Daryl Dixon, Westworld, you name it! They range anywhere from about $5-8 and cover a number of fandoms.

So what are you most excited about shopping for at San Diego Comic Con? Any exclusives that you want to share? Mention them below!
Featured image courtesy of Gambit Magazine

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