The most memorable moments from ‘This Is Us’ season 1

Greetings, This Is Us fans! We’re still anxiously awaiting the return of this tearjerker series in September for season 2. There is still so much to know, including whether Randall and Beth will have another child, how things are progressing for Kate and Toby and, of course, just what happened to Jack when he passed away?

I’m not ready to find out that last one. Does anyone have a box of tissues handy? Looking back on season 1, there were so many things that happened, revelations that left us stunned, and touching family moments that continue to affect relationships years down the line.

Whether you were deeply invested in Kate’s weight loss journey or you identified with Randall’s struggles growing up, there was no shortage of emotional upheaval experienced as we got to know the Pearson family.

Since we still have a ways to go until season 2 begins, let’s look back at some of the memorable moments from the Pearson clan.

Lemons into Lemonade

Before we even found out that the show was going into the past and the present, we got to know Jack and Rebecca Pearson as they began their family. Expecting triplets, the couple were deeply in love and shared a connection that anyone else could envy! The most touching part of the pilot episode was when Dr. K came to Jack to tell him the news about one of the babies and used the metaphor “Making sour lemons into lemonade” to help Jack find light in a dark tunnel. Cue the tears and entrance of baby Randall!

This Is Us memorable moments Jack
The Odyssey Online


A fact

While dealing with the knowledge of his mother’s betrayal in regards to his biological father, Randall hallucinates that he is speaking to Jack. In one of the rare scenes Milo Ventimiglia has with his adult on-screen children, he provides Randall with the love and guidance he needed in a turbulent time. Seeing the special bond the two have as father and son even in death only makes me wish we could have the real thing! Seriously, where is that tissue box?

This Is Us memorable moments Jack Randall

Kevin’s love life

Oh, Kevin, how we love thee. After going back and forth in a love triangle between two women, we discovered that Kevin had previously been married to his childhood sweetheart, Sophie. However, he never fell out of love with her. Then just when things are beginning to go somewhere, he gets an incredible offer with director Ron Howard! Of course! Make it work, Kevin, we have faith in you.

This Is Us memorable moments Kevin Sophie

Kate’s journey

There are so many moments Kate has been through as she goes through her struggles with weight loss. It is during an activity at a weight loss camp where she screams out her feelings all while we see flashbacks of her father’s funeral. I’m fine.

This Is Us memorable moments Kate

Carry this child

In one touching moment, Jack and Rebecca take Randall to a karate class where Jack has a bonding moment with his son. A powerful scene that shows just how dedicated Jack is to raising his adopted son and being a good father, you can’t help but get immense pleasure and happiness watching them.

This Is Us memorable moments season 1

Brotherly love

Even though Kevin is getting ready for his opening night in a play, things happening off stage take precedence. When Randall tells him he can’t make it, Kevin realizes something is going on and rushes off to go be with his brother. Considering all the two have been through, this showed how much Kevin really loved his brother enough to be there for him in his time of need.

This Is Us memorable moments season 1 brothers

Not so perfect?

Considering all of the twists and turns each episode has brought us, we were not expecting the season finale to show cracks in Rebecca and Jack’s relationship. Just when you thought that we were about to see how Jack died, we saw this beautiful couple was struggling and facing difficulties in their marriage. We only hope they can pull through!

This Is Us memorable moments finale


“Memphis.” The episode that brought Randall back to William’s hometown as his father faced his last days. Then Randall said goodbye in a way that touched on how Jack would be there for him. This surely had people in tears and calling off work as Papa Pearson suggested on Twitter. William and Jack are watching over their boy together now.

This Is Us memorable moments Memphis

Which memorable moment was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and tune in to This Is Us on NBC when it returns September 26.

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