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‘Dark Matter’ recap: Ep 2×07 “Wish I Could Believe You”

Dark Matter, Ep 2×07, “Wish I Could Believe You” aired on July 14, 2017

We’re just inching closer and closer to the end of season three and I’m totally not ready. Last week we saw Two and Threes doubles and this week it’s all fun and Inception-level mind games for Six. At the end of last week’s episode, our crew went looking for Six after all communications failed to go through. What they found was a bunch of dead bodies. Episode 2×07, “Wish I Could Believe You” picks up pretty much where the audience left off. Except, this time we’re seeing the world through a set of very dazed eyes. The person is surrounded by bodies and even before Two and Android edge into his fading line of vision, we can easily assume that we’re seeing through Six’s eyes. When he awakens on the Raza, Six has seemingly been rescued by his old crew. They tell him that the colony was struck by some type of chemical attack. Initially, Six is hopeful that there might have been other survivors, but Android and Two break the news that no one else survived.

Six is devastated about the news, but he is glad to be back among his friends. He’s excited to tell them about the side effect from the nerve gas. It somehow helped unlock some of his memories. One amazing thing about this show is that we can be three seasons in and know so little about our crew’s past. Well, at least until the past comes back to bite them (looking at you Three) or to haunt like we see with Six. He discovers that in his past, he was married and had a kid. Throughout the episode, thanks to fresh streams of memories being unleashed we get to see his happy home life fracture further and further because Six could not let go of his vendetta. In the flashbacks, Six’s old friend Lieutenant Anders tries warning Six to let it go. Unfortunately, things don’t work out and we see at the end of the episode that his wife ended up leaving him and another man is raising Six’s son. Insert all the tears for that particular moment.

As it turns out, it wasn’t the nerve gas that unleashed Six’s memories. No. As it turns out, he wasn’t rescued by his Raza crew mates. After Agent Zero was unleashed on the colony, the nerve gas killed everyone there except Six who’d just arrived back. He was found by some Ferris Corp goons who intended to trick him into disclosing the location of the rebels’ headquarters. Thankfully, Our Six is nobody’s fool. He starts to notice that his crew members were acting completely out-of-character. All of the crew members appear overly intent on getting Six to reveal the coordinates for the rebels’ headquarters. Initially, they insist that the rebels need to be warned about the Agent Zero attack on the colony, but Six ultimately becomes suspicious. It doesn’t help matters that he’s continually slipping back and forth between “reality” and his memories from his life as Kal. Also, anytime he tries to read anything the words are indecipherable. Six comes to the realization that someone is playing with his head and he attacks “his crew mates”. They accuse him of being paranoid, but he points out that he shouldn’t be able to knock out Android and then he cuts his own hand and watches as it heals. Game over, goons.


After that he wakes up in a lab with the Ferris Corp techs who have been playing with his brain and unleashing old memories. When the Raza crew show up to rescue him at that point, I was a little suspicious especially with the level of effery that had been going on with poor Six’s head already. Unfortunately, Six made the mistake of telling the two techs all the reasons why he knew the narrative they’d created was false. I was nearly fooled by his heart-to-heart with this version of Five. The punch to the face from Three actually drew blood. It felt very much like Six had finally come home to the Raza. Of course, it wasn’t true, but Six figured it out just before he could reveal the coordinates for the summit. He hits the self-destruct on the “Raza” and awakens for real this time. He’s able to gain the upper hand against the techs before the audience or techs realize what’s happening. The next thing we know, Six is down with three bullets to the chest and he looks dead. Losing a crew member isn’t new (RIP One and Nyx). It wasn’t the case this time around. Six had turned the tables and “incepted” one of the techs to discover their coordinates so he could arrange a pickup. The plan works and he’s reunited with Five and company.

He appears to be at peace with the memories that recently resurfaced. The wife and son who he gained and lost so quickly in his own head. Three appears curious about the idea of regaining his own memories. He confides in Sarah and wonders what he could have done that would’ve been so bad. When he falls asleep, she turns away and something in her expression reveals that something dark definitely happened and after losing Four the way we did, I vote for Three not getting those memories back. Two goes to visit Sarah in her virtual setting and apologizes for not coming to see her sooner. She has been busy after all with mourning friends lost and trying to stop that all-out war. Sarah has been busy creating her virtual world, but she’s already chafing at the fact that she’s restricted to this place and cannot connect with anyone until they happen to remember that she exists. She’s lonely. This cannot end well.

Speaking of bad ends, what is up with Android? Is her tech going wonky? Did Future-Five reprogram her to take out the crew while they sleep? Why did she pull that gun on Three? Was it Sarah somehow able to hijack Android’s form? That definitely took an interesting turn. What did you think of this week’s episode? When did you figure out that all was not as it should be when Six first returned to the Raza? Hit the comments and let me know what you thought of the episode.


Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter 

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