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‘Teen Wolf’ 6B Trailer: Who’s the villain?

First, let’s do a happy dance! After months of waiting, we finally have a trailer for the final ten episodes of our beloved Teen Wolf! There are many things to analyze in the Teen Wolf 6B trailer but first, let’s focus on who is making everyone run around filled with fear!

Watch the trailer again!

UH-AMAZING!!!! Okay, time for theories!

Theory #1 Greek Gods Phobos and Deimos

Before you scoff at idea of Greek Gods in our little supernatural world, think about the Dread Doctors. While the creepiest docs on the block were all about frequencies, their creations had their roots in Greek mythology. The Chimeras on the show are made in a lab but the Greek myth is about animals created from the parts of other animals.

The theme of the last ten episodes is fear. So who better than the Gods of fear and dread, Phobos and Deimos to terrorize Beacon Hills! Scott and his pack are facing an “ancient evil” and we also learned (in this EW article) that Halwyn (the new Hellhound) has ties to this villain! And guess what else is tied to Greek myth? You guessed it, Hellhounds! Oopa!


Theory #2 Gerard

I am only including this as a formality because of the trailer. I think that they want us to think that Gerard is the big bad but there is no way. Sorry G, I think you are on the right side of the fight this time.


Theory #3 Beezlebub

I love this theory! Remember back in Season 3 when Isaac and Allison were looking in the Bestiary and they came across the name Beezlebub. In the trailer, we see a scary, red faced tomato man. We don’t know who he is or what he is but Beezlebub would be awesome! It would be a really cool tie back to the Nemeton because Beezlebub is the Lord of the Flies and we know that the Nemeton is all about the fireflies. It would also be a great ending to have this villain so closely tied to the literal beacon that started so much of the conflict in the show, the Nemeton.


Who do you think the villain is? Hit the comments and tell us!

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Teen Wolf  season 6B returns July 30th on MTV.  

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