Here’s what to expect from the new HBO Watchmen series that’s in the works

For the times they are a-changin’.

This past June it was announced that Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) would be staying with HBO to create a new TV series adaptation of DC’s Watchmen. With many people having mixed feelings about the 2009 Watchmen movie adaptation, there’s been a justified suspicion for how the HBO Watchmen series will turn out.

HBO Watchmen series

In 2015, we were teased with a Zack Snyder HBO Watchmen series, but that eventually fell through. From what it looks like, the current variation is strictly separate from what was in the works back in 2015. This time, Lindelof is starting from scratch with his vision of making the graphic novel a full series. While there haven’t been a whole lot of explicit statements about the new Lindelof adaptation, we have gathered up some ideas on what to expect.

Longer run time = more content

One of the biggest struggles with the 2009 Watchmen movie was the run time. Zack Snyder had the task of taking an entire graphic novel and turning it into a reasonably timed film. Some things were left out and justifiably so with trying to make the time constraints. For true fans, though, the missing pieces might come together in the HBO Watchmen series.

HBO Watchmen series
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I would expect to see the inclusion of the Tales of the Black Freighter and Hollis Mason’s excerpts. Snyder included the pirate themed pieces in the Ultimate cut, but most viewers have only gone as far to see the theatrical or director’s cut. In the graphic novel, we get pieces from Hollis Mason’s (the first Nite Owl) book. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw entire episodes revolving around each of these respectively.

Driven by the dark

It’s no surprise to say that HBO has a thing for dark themes. DC’s Watchmen is nothing but dark. The novel and movie both feature some very gory, cynical, and triggering events. We’ve seen a lot of the more recent era of DC movies thrive on gloomy, deep motifs. I would expect nothing less from this series. That said, it will be interesting to see if this will be more exaggerated in the series. Will we see it for what it’s worth as a replication of the pages from the graphic novel? Or… will the darkness be larger than life?

HBO Watchmen series

I get the feeling it will be the latter.

We have a direct end point

I always feel like the best series are the ones that have a known end point. This doesn’t necessarily mean the audience knows the finale. When the writers have a clear end point in mind I feel that we get a better story. They know they have Starting point A and destination Z….with all the space in between to play with and get us there.

Because the HBO Watchmen series is based on a beloved graphic novel, most viewers know the ending. This means that Lindelof will really have to satisfy fans with the material in between. Since people know what to expect from what they’ve read, they’ll be looking for something that follows the novel but is also exciting.

Room for more Watchmen material

HBO Watchmen series
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Both the Watchmen movie and graphic novel never got any kind of a sequel because… frankly… it wrapped things up pretty well. DC Comics did, however, create some prequel stories about the Minutemen. If Lindelof decides to expand on the material from the franchise in the HBO Watchmen series, I would expect to see some more from the Before Watchmen series.

What does this mean for the DCEU?

Will the HBO Watchmen series have anything to do with the DCEU cinematic universe? Will it be it’s own thing like The CW? I get the feeling it’s going to be separate of the entire universe, but there is one condition I will mention….

SPOILERS! (I’m talking, like, major spoilers here. If you haven’t read the Watchmen graphic novel OR DC Rebirth and plan to, maybe you should turn and run quickly. I warned you.)

There are new ties of DC Rebirth to the Watchmen series which have up until now been thought to be separate universes. Batman finds the Comedian’s badge and there are a lot of fan theories about other characters like Ozzy and Dr. Manhattan being involved in the event that caused the rebirth. That said, DC has very clearly been trying to keep the comics and the movies as close as possible. (Just take a look at the new long-haired Jason Momoa-esque Aquaman!)

HBO Watchmen series

If DC sticks with this, we may see some crossover. If Watchmen does join with the rest of the DCEU we may be in for a surprise with the HBO series or even the DC movies. Whether it will be the same cast is way too far down the line to tell, but it’s not impossible to think that Lindelof’s HBO Watchmen series may be bringing out some new material that links to our other favorite DC characters.

So what are your feelings about Lindelof’s new HBO Watchmen series that’s in the works?

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