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‘Dark Matter’ recap: Seeing double in EP 3×06, “One More Card to Play”

Dark Matter, ep 3×06, “One More Card to Play” aired on July 7, 2017

Remember that time that our favorite crew punched a hole in space and ended up meeting their doppelgangers? One amazing thing about this show is how the writers can yank on a loose thread from season’s past. A thread that most of us had given up on ever seeing paid off. Especially after season two ended without the reveal of One/Jace Corso back to wreck more havoc for Raza’s crew. Or whoever it was that hitched a ride back with our group at the end of ep 2×08, “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”. Tonight’s episode, “One More Card to Play” finally shed some light on who exactly was aboard the other Maurader. Let’s take it from the top.

Dark Matter recap 3x06 One Last Card to Play

They’re back!!!!! Portia Lin and Boone (aka parallel Two and Three) infiltrate one of Zairon’s warships. After last week’s assassination attempt, Ryo’s command to find the traitors within his empire has led to the mass capture of a number of his citizens.  It’s aboard one of these warships where we first see what appears to be our Two and Three. The duo hatches a plan to help free those being held prisoner. They’ll make sure that the prisoners get safe passage to one of the newly independent colonies if the group agrees to assist them in taking over the warship. The plan goes off without a single hitch. At least until Portia Lin and Boone end up letting the entire group out of the airlock. Then comes the glorious and evil reveal that we’re looking at Two and Three’s doubles. The two contact Mikkei’s Commander Truffault looking to make a deal.

Meanwhile, Ryo appears to be coming closer and closer to the downfall of the Ishida Empire with each passing week. He’s not listening to his advisor, Teku. Instead, the Emperor simply reacts with little thought. Last week, Teku counseled his former student to become an emperor that his people could love. He told Ryo to have a care with his approach in ruling. Meanwhile, Misaki aka the Devil whispering in his ear has been all about helping Ryo stamp out perceived weaknesses. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before he makes a move on his old crew again. I was pretty surprised that Portia Lin and Boone’s latest conquest didn’t drive up the timetable on that particular confrontation. The crew still has no idea that it was Misaki who killed Nyx. That reveal should be coming soon enough. At the rate things are going with Ryo’s whole deal as emperor and sending assassins after his old friends, the truth about Nyx’s death likely won’t matter. Though, it will be amazing to see the eventual showdown between Two and Misaki. Has to happen, right?

Truffault calls off her alliance with our Raza crew, and finally clues them in on the fact that their doppelgangers have been on this side of the timeline and stirring up all kinds of trouble. Adrian who has been feeling out of place, finally steps up and finds that he has something of value to contribute. He contacts alt-Portia Lin and company to read her the riot act for all the killing and stealing without cutting Tabor in for his percentage. Everyone has a plan it turns out. Two and the others set up an ambush, but Portia Lin kidnaps Three and takes the Maurader back to the Raza. Thankfully, our crew had the foresight to change the codes on the ship. When Portia tries shutting down Android, she fails in spectacular fashion.

Dark Matter recap 3x06 One Last Card to Play

Unfortunately, the Three that Android rescues from the Maurader isn’t our Three at all. It’s Boone. Our Three is being held captive by Tash. Right the one who he almost slept with in last season’s alt-Raza episode. Three always has the funniest lines. Portia Lin and Boone try to take over the Raza, but Android and Five put the kibosh on that plan. They save the day and trade Three for Portia Lin and Boone. So great news? our Raza Crew still has their crazypants doppelgangers out there in the Universe. Bad news? Corso didn’t make the trip over and neither did the other Four. Boo.

Dark Matter recap 3x06 One Last Card to Play

Adrian is kind of adorable. Just saying. This week, Adrian and Five share a sweet moment. He tries to talk her into leaving the Raza with him and Solara. Despite Adrian finally getting in on the action this week, he still decides that his time with Raza crew is done. Too bad. Both Solara and Adrian were proving to be quite interesting. Also was it me or did Adrian and Five have some serious chemistry happening? Just saying. Hopefully, this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of Adrian and his badass bodyguard. Our crew has more drama coming their way by episode’s end when they decided to check back in with Six. As it turns out, Five hasn’t been able to reach Six for a very good reason. It appears that everyone in the colony is deader than dead. What do you think happened? Will we see Solara and Adrian again? How close are we exactly to the fall of the House of Ishida?

For those folks lucky enough to have scored tickets to San Diego Comic Con this year, be sure to stop in to show some love for our fave Raza crew members!


Dark Matter airs on Syfy on Fridays at 9/8c

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