‘Blood Drive’ 1×04 recap: “Halls of Kane Hill”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 4, “Halls of Kane Hill”, Aired July 5, 2017

This week on Blood Drive, Christopher may never walk quite right again. The crazies have taken control, although, they might have far more control than just in the asylum. We have flashbacks to how things used to be and a special treat from Syfy.

The Milking of Christopher

The most unpleasant time spent in Heart Industries award goes to Christopher. This guy has been taking a lot of abuse from Aki. Sure, she is trying to condition him into a valuable Heart Enterprises employee, but Christopher seems to be getting the super special treatment.


I have to hand it to Marama Corlett, she is amazing in her seductive portrayal of Aki as she needlessly torments Christopher. Grindhouse isn’t all blood and guts people; a healthy dose of sadomasochism rounds out the show. Okay, maybe it isn’t that healthy.

Self-dentistry anyone?


I mean seriously, a power drill to the mouth? You know that sound, right? That buzzing grinding sound of the dentist drill as it burrows into your teeth. Can you hear the sound right now? Then that slight pitch that happens the moment when the drill hits a nerve… You can’t get much more masochistic than putting power tools in your mouth. I won’t even bring up using the drill on a urethra. Let’s just say you shouldn’t do that as well.

The ever watchful eye

While the control box was offline, the trackers embedded in the racers were still active and showed on the television screen. Previously I have pointed out that we started Blood Drive with 30 participants, although we have only seen seven of them.


If you look closely, there are 20 green dots on the TV monitor and one blue, which was Grace and Arthur. Since the dots appear to be more of a proximity bearing than anything else, there could be more than one person per dot. Everyone is at the after party, but like Slink said on the conference call, a bigger budget will make all the racers show up.

Just say no to Red Rapture

Now we are aware of how Karma ended up in the mental institution, along with how Grace ended up in the Blood Drive. The two go hand-in-hand, but Grace is the cause of both predicaments. Sure, she was looking to score some cash by racing so she went to the club to met the Primo, the winner of the last Blood Drive. Since we didn’t get a chance to see his face, there is a chance that he could pop up again later this season.

The side effect of this night of clubbing results in Karma’s addiction and overload of Red Rapture. The overload of Red leads Grace to institutionalize, thus forcing her to race to pay for her sister’s car.



Up on the main stage, DJ Slink is spinning the vinyl. I guess a guy has to do something when there isn’t a race going on. Slink did take notice of Grace rather quickly. His interest in her also leads you to wonder what his involvement is in Karma’s addiction and everything that happened after that. The man would be somewhere around 90 if he was working at Kane Hill in 1957. Just what has he been using to stay that young?


The rebirth of Sexy Susie


The beginning of the flashback showed us worn Susie. With faded paint and other imperfections, Susie was showing her age. Slink’s unveiling of the new and improved Susie was impressive. Once again she was sexy. How did this happen so fast? I could suggest it is one effect of the car being alive. The broken window from Steel City was whole again after all. Perhaps Susie, being a living car, grew the window back. Or, we can just go with, “it was like that because the script said so.”


All I wanted was a piece of Smax

Surprise! Karma is not in the institution. You didn’t expect them to find her in episode 4, did you? The one person that Grace could find who knows what happened to her is now dead. A shame, really. He survived that entire time being held captive only to get knocked off the moment he could provide some useful information. He didn’t die in vain, though. No, he held on long enough to let Grace know that finding her sister is very important, but she was removed from the facility before the inmates took over.

Give a dog a bone

While the institution did give us many excellent fight scenes involving Grace kicking some serious ass, the main event came at the end. A grudge and a job to do is all Rib Bone needed to take on Arthur. He did have that slight grudge from having his face pressed against a hot muffler, after all. Also, Caligula needed a masseuse. Hey, he is a hard guy with a soft heart for a small dog, but man is he a brutal fighter. While Arthur sort of held his own there was only one way that fight was going to turn out. Then, the sugar goodness came into play where Rib Bone became the equivalent of a real rib bone getting dropped into a tank of starving piranhas. Smax leaves you wanting more.


Caligula gets her own massuse, she’s a little stressed.

Given the state Rib Bone was in, not to mention the explosion, you would be hard pressed to believe he could survive his ordeal. Caligula might eat his entire hand, but I am pulling for the big guy (but it doesn’t look good for him.) We cannot forget the golden rule of television, though: No one is positively dead until you see a body. It all depends if Heart Enterprises thinks he is worth rebuilding. They have the tools.

Blood Drive gave us another treat this week, our very own Blood Drive coloring book for lunatics. That’s right, kids: a coloring book written by Slink himself. Grab a bunch of crayons, print it out, eat a few Smax candy bars, and start creating your art!

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