‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B finale discussion: The A.D. reveal

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 20, “Til DeAth Do Us PArt,” Aired June 27, 2017

Pretty Little Liars fans, how are y’all coping after the airing of the finale? I’m still SHOOK over that A.D. reveal. All in all, I’m not 100% happy with the ending of the show and wish it had a different one. However, there were many things that I was happy about – one of which was the fact that one my favorite ships on the show was endgame! Now that it has sunk in that there will be no more PLL, I’m not ready to say goodbye to the characters and Rosewood (sobs!).

Let’s discuss the A.D. reveal in more detail:

Where do we even begin? Oh, how about we just jump right into it, shall we? Turns out Spencer has a crazy af TWIN sister, named Alex Drake, who basically tortured the girls (as A.D.) to get revenge for Charlotte’s death.  Alex got a little too comfortable playing Spencer in Rosewood (while trying to figure out who killed Charlotte) and even took it a step too far and kidnapped her so she would be out of the picture for good. Alex’s plan was to keep Spencer in some weird dungeon while she lived Spencer’s life without anyone ever knowing. Crazy, right?

Can I just ask, how the heck didn’t anyone notice ‘Spencer’ seemed a bit odd or not fully herself when it was Alex? You’d have thought someone would have guessed that something wasn’t quite right. But instead, it took Jenna to notice she smelled different, Spencer’s horse to know it wasn’t her, and Toby noticing she wrote nothing in a book, to actually figure out Spencer wasn’t Spencer – you gotta laugh at this!

It gets weirder.

If that’s not weird enough, Alex actually knew and dated Wren. WTF!! Wren had accidentally met her in a bar where she worked (personally, I don’t think that could have just been a coincidence) and he thought it was Spencer. Soon he learned that she was her twin sis, so he filled her in on everything about Spencer and her life. The two then jumped into a relationship, shortly after meeting. Wren having a thing with Spencer prior to this made it all the more weird! If you thought that was bad, something far worse was yet to come. Alex took being Spencer so literally that she made Wren shoot her so that she had the same scar as Spencer. Then, when she had enough of Wren and used his seed to fertilize Emily’s egg (OMG x100), she killed him.


In the end, despite Alex’s crazy plan, she was caught and the police took her away. After that, you’d assume she would be locked up forever in jail, but that wasn’t the case. Somehow, Mona got her hands on Alex and Mary and is keeping them locked away in her own dollhouse. In the end, Mona won the game and got her final revenge.

LOL, Mona – I have no words. Is “bravo” appropriate?

OK, I’m gonna keep it real here with my overall thoughts on the ending of a show I have watched for 7 years of my life: I’m kinda disappointed. Yes, I’m happy with the whole ‘Spencer has an evil twin’ line (I even predicted it), but I personally didn’t want her to be A.D. I wanted A.D. to be someone who was there from the beginning, or at least in on it. Instead, we got a character we didn’t even know until the last episode.

For the show to have really shook me, personally, I’d have wanted one of the main Liars to be apart of it all in some way or another – my choice would have been Aria for that. Another thing is that I’d have wanted to know why we were made out to think certain characters were sketchy like they were in on it or at least apart of one of the ‘teams’ i.e. Melissa, Lucas, Jenna, and more. What is done, is done now and this is the ending we got. Nothing can be changed, but at least we got some answers explained (even though many weren’t).

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