‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×03 “Steel City Nightfall”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 3, “Steel City Nightfall”, Aired June 28, 2017

Day three of the race leads us to Steel City as the Mayhem continues with Blood Drive! Mutated bloodthirsty creatures roam the street. A couple who kills together stays together. The synergy of corporate conference calls is forced upon Slink. Meanwhile, Aki continues her torture and reconditioning of Chris.

Welcome to Steel City


On the outskirts of Steel City, our dynamic pair run into a slight problem. Sexy Susie has a bent rim and a broken strut — two rather serious issues which lead them to Steel City in search of parts. It doesn’t seem that they left the city with anything other than some bottled nitrous blood. Since Grace offered to make a trade with the Scholar, there is a chance she might have a spare bottle left over for emergencies.

Due to the industrial accident that happened, the local populace has gone rather feral. A mutation has spread among them, turning them into creatures with glowing eyes and a craving for fuel and blood. The surviving employees have fallen into speaking nothing but corporate jargon communication, except for one person – the Supervisor, Mercedes. She informs Arthur and Grace that this all happened because of the fuel additive 245 Troxin, which of course, Heart Enterprises had a hand in.


Some of you might recognize that name from the legendary movie Return of the Living Dead. In the movie, they pointed out there was a chemical spill in the 1960’s that resulted in the dead returning to life in Night of the Living Dead. Trioxin in any form is something you do not want to come across.

The couple that kills together

Driving along in what I think is a 2010 Prius (yeah, I know, that whole 1999 frame this show is in is crazy), we have this lovely pair. Cliff and Domi have been married long enough for body parts to liquefy. The murderous spark they once had has faded though. Like Domi said, “We haven’t disemboweled together in a long time.”


During this episode, we are able to watch them rekindle their passion for each other as they find that spark again. All thanks to Clown Dick for this. During a little moment of road rage, the pair go through the cooler they carry with them (yep, nothing weird about that) to find something to throw at him. Their trophies are more than just something from the kill. As they describe each part, you come to understand these are moments that they really connected with each other. Anyone thrown into the engine wouldn’t be saved. Only the special moments the two share stay with them. While some people freeze their wedding cake to remember the day, these two just bagged up parts of the bellboy along with keeping something blue.


Back to their Prius for a minute. Have to call this one out and get an answer from Slink about this. In episode one, when they pulled in at the finish line, Nomi was driving and she was on the right-hand side. In this episode, Cliff is driving, and this is now a left-hand drive car. At some point in the race, they switched cars. Is switching cars legal? Yes I know, I wasn’t supposed to notice that, but I did.

Is everyone on?

One of the more amusing parts of this episode was Slink being stuck on a conference call. For those of you who have been tortured by one of these calls, you can relate to his frustration. With these scenes, though, it becomes clear that Colin Cunningham is the perfect embodiment of Julian Slink. With each episode, Cunningham continues to define the brilliant outrageousness that is Slink.


During this call, one of the questions that all the fans have been asking comes up: When are we going to see more racers? To which Slink replies simply with, ‘give me a bigger budget.’ Truer words cannot be said. Hopefully, Blood Drive will have a big enough budget to introduce us to more racers as the season progresses because there are plenty of them out there.


Looking back at episode one, there were 30 racers on the board. We have lost two so far — Fat Elvis and Clown Dick. That leaves quite a few more people the audience can be introduced to. That also means that Grace and Arthur have been running in last place pretty much since this race began. They are going to need to step it up at some point if they want to survive. However, they are planning to try and rescue Karma next episode, so we will have to wait and see how that works out for the pair. If the Scholar can’t stop Slink’s machine, they will have to deal with a case of instant brain jelly.

What did you think of this week’s Blood Drive? Did you call the Complaint Line at 325-400-DGAF? If you didn’t, you need to. Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Don’t forget to check us out here for more Syfy fandom news!


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