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Times when ‘Once Upon a Time’ was over-the-top extra

We take a look at the most over-the-top Once Upon a Time scenes!

It’s no surprise that some scenes in the show make you scratch your head in confusion and weirdness of how over-the-top they are. In fact, there were some scenes where I had to rewind multiple times to see if what I was seeing was, in fact, what I was seeing. Nevertheless, these scenes give us a good laugh!

Hook thinking his hand was possessed


Remember how gung-ho Hook was over getting his hand reattached for his first date with Emma? He was so excited to hold her with both hands. With a slight warning from Gold about the repercussions of his reattached hand, Hook starts to go a little crazy, almost thinking his hand was possessed. Let’s not forget when him and Emma were kissing that his eyes darted to his hand, a glare in the direction of said hand. So extra. So dramatic.

Zelena disguising as Marianne & getting preggo


Okay, this was absolutely mind boggling! Here I had thought the show couldn’t get any more dramatic. Then Robin accidentally knocks up Zelena. Who, by the way, is disguised as his deceased wife. Yah, crazy stuff. Zelena does this all to spite Regina, which seems a bit over-the-top in my opinion. Girl was so insane back in the day.

Hades randomly killing Arthur


Even though Arthur was quite the um…jerk wad, there was no point in killing him off. Some time in Storybrooke’s prison would have done him good. However, Hades is just taking a stroll when he murders Arthur with the flick of his wrist. Honestly, what was the point? So Hook and him could have some bro time in the Underworld together? Still a mystery to me.

Emma chaining Hook in her basement


If we’re being honest, this might be the most extra thing in the show’s history. Not to mention my all-time favorite head scratching moment. Dark One Emma casually knocks Hook unconscious, only for viewers to find her beloved pirate chained by his feet in her basement. The reason? So he wouldn’t stop her from killing Zelena. I don’t know…there might have been a more logical solution, Emma. I’ll never be over this scene; it gets me every time. Side note: next time you’re trying to woo a man, Emma, try baseball merch or comic books. Or in Emma’s case, guyliner and leather.

That giant spider though


When I wasn’t cringing super hard, I was wondering why this random, giant spider was even necessary? I get Gideon was trying to kill Emma, but this seemed too extra. Not to mention the damage it must have done to that house. Hopefully there was insurance on it, or they got a really good maid to clean up.  If I were Emma, I would probably burn those clothes because ew, spider germs. (I had a run-in with a spider today, so this is hard for me to write without shuddering.)

Emma canoeing with a murderer on the loose


Apparently not even a psycho man-child can deter Emma from living her life. You go, girl! Although Gideon had only just tried to kill Emma the day before, she deemed it safe to go on a canoeing adventure with Henry. Girl, get your butt in the house and come up with a battle plan. But hey, I’m not the Savior, so I guess I can’t really speak for Emma.

Regina and the Evil Queen…and apples


Speaking of extra, this scene! Here we have Regina using her own poison against…herself. Swords are no match for a bowl of apples. Honestly, what was the Evil Queen even thinking bringing a sword to battle? How silly of her. Apples dominate all, obviously.

Bonus: Zelena chopping off her hand


Okay first off: LOL. Hook and Henry go to Zelena for some of her evil help, but the cuff on her wrist won’t let her do magic. The solution? Obviously to chop off your own hand and then reattach it. Simple. My favorite part of this scene was how Hook and Henry thought she was about to murder them with that knife. Nope, just nonchalantly chopping off her own hand. Hey, whatever gets the job done.

Yes, this show is a drama, but these scenes take the cake for the most over-the-top scenes. If you haven’t seen these scenes in a while, go back and watch and have a good laugh. Or head scratch. What scene did I miss that you think was super over-the-top extra? Sound off below or tweet me!


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