Celebrating our favorite LGBTQ TV characters!

These LGBTQ TV characters inspire us every single day but, in honor of Pride Month, the writers of have come together to showcase these amazing characters and their contributions to our TV lives all in one place!

In no particular order, let’s celebrate our favorite LGBTQ TV characters!

Raphael (Shadowhunters)

The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Claire once stated that while it wasn’t addressed in the books, she always pictured Raphael as asexual. At the end of Season 2A, Shadowhunters delivered on Clare’s headcanon and made it a reality. Raphael reveals that while he did have feelings for Isabelle, he’s just not interested in sex and he never has been. Asexual characters are extremely lacking in media, so it was a breath of fresh air to finally see this kind of representation on TV. Shadowhunters, keep it up! – Rachel Foertsch

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Willow is an icon among the LGBTQ community, and for good reason. Not only was she a crucial member of a show that was already breaking down barriers for gender roles, she participated the first on screen lesbian kiss on network television. She was on her way to becoming a badass witch by herself, but she didn’t start to really thrive until she met the love of her life, her girlfriend Tara. Aside from the initial shock of her coming out, her friends all loved and accepted her. It was never even an issue. That was such an important plot line for the time period of the show, and helped to drive home the message of acceptance. – RoseMary Blankenship

Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural)

Charlie is the epitome of kickass. She was originally a shy hacker, but grew to be a hunter in her own right after helping Sam and Dean in ways only she could imagine. She was a fierce lesbian woman and the fans were sad to see her die, but Charlie will always stay in our hearts as the girl who became an honorary Winchester. – Claire Cicero

Mulan and Red (Once Upon a Time)

Succeeding Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), my most favorite characters on Once Upon a Time is a tie between Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory).  By oneself, each has established themselves as badass, beautiful heroines who wear their bustles and corsets with as much pride as they do their feminism.  I am captivated by the fact that Mulan and Red (or, MulanRouge) had created their own happily ever afters—finding true love with those of their own gender.  Though it pains me that their romance had fizzled before it had even begun, their story together was one of love, and was an enormous part of what made me favor them immensely, as individuals. – Christine Cenon

Source image: The CW/Arrow

Curtis (Arrow)

Although Arrow was not a stranger to LGBTQ representation prior to Curtis’s introduction, it was still really nice to see a gay character as a prominent member of the cast. After Sara’s exit from Arrow, LGBTQ representation was extremely low. Curtis was never shy about his sexuality from his very first episode, and openly loved his husband, which was a great thing to see. It’s also great to have a gay superhero, which unfortunately is not too common. – Reagan Pierce

Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)

I don’t think I’ll ever fully be able to explain how amazing Magnus Bane is. Unfortunately, finding a bisexual man serving as a main character (who is also a POC) is a rare find in the media world. Thank God for Magnus and what he represents for so many people in the LGBT+ community. Magnus is not only great representation, but his selfless desire to help others makes him one of the kindest and most humble characters I have ever seen on TV. – Rachel Foertsch

Lito (Sense8)

Sense8 is all about representation. As a show that strives to represent the world, they present multiple types of love and relationships. Lito’s relationship with his boyfriend, Hernando, and friend, Daniela, is a relationship unique to television. Although Lito and Hernando are gay men, their relationship with Daniela definitely borders on polyamorous, and cannot be described as purely platonic. Polyamory is almost never presented in media, which makes the unique relationship between these three so special. – Reagan Pierce

Eretria (The Shannara Chronicles)

Eretria is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. She’s beautiful, a badass, and she’s also bisexual. Although there are only 10 episodes so far in the series, I immediately fell in love with Eretria the moment she appeared on my screen. She started off the show not caring about anyone but herself and grew into an amazing character who constantly risked her life for the people she had grown to love. And I’m just gonna be blunt, we need a Princess Rover endgame.  – Rachel Foertsch

Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl)

Supergirl provides us with a roster of badass female characters. Two of these characters won our hearts this season, Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer. For many people Agent Danvers was already a personal favorite. When Maggie Sawyer stepped on the screen, Alex got that much better. These two ladies started with a magnetizing friendship, which turned into a beautiful relationship, and ended with a heart wrenching proposal. Luckily for us there will be more #Sanvers action in Season 3! – Brittney Santiago

Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who and Torchwood)

Captain Jack started a precedent for the Doctor Who universe that makes fan very proud: love looks past gender. Granted, there is a lovely joke within the fandom and from the actor’s mouth itself, that Jack Harkness will do anything with a post code. However, he also has a very large heart that doesn’t show any preferences. It really illustrates that you can’t help you fall in love with, no matter what. This is so important when it comes to the topic of acceptance and tolerance. Since Capt. Jack there have been other cast members that are in the LGBTQ community, but Jack was the pioneer of the fandom. – RoseMary Blankenship

Clarke Griffin (The 100)

When the series started, Clarke was presumed straight, but the moment Lexa and Clarke met, everything changed. As they worked to keep their respective clans safe, we got to watch these two amazing women from opposite sides of the fight fall in love. Even with the problematic death of Lexa, Clarke’s presence is so important to so many. The “B” in LGBTQ isn’t as well represented on TV, so when we found out that Clarke, the strong, female star of the show was bi-sexual, it was a game changer. Clarke isn’t a side character. She’s not the quirky BFF. She is the lead of the show! It’s a trend we need to keep seeing on our TV’s. – Meg Bonney

Nomi (Sense8)

Sense8’s Nomi is an incredibly compelling and enjoyable character, who also happens to be a transgender lesbian. Nomi’s gender and sexuality is hardly the most interesting thing about her, and that’s what makes her representation so amazing. She is an intelligent and brave woman who has overcome many obstacles in the path to being herself and falling in love. The relationship between her and her girlfriend, Amanita, is one of the healthiest and most beautiful relationships on television. – Reagan Pierce

Josh (The Originals)

Josh is an inspiration. His parent’s disowned him because he was gay but that didn’t dim the bright light inside of him. Despite his parents rejection, being turned into a vampire and the chaotic world he was thrust into, Josh retained his charm and humor and rose to second in command in Marcel’s crew. Even though he lost his love to the constant struggles of the supernatural creatures in the Big Easy, we are confident that Josh will find peace and love someday. He deserves all the happiness. – Meg Bonney

Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters)

Alec Lightwood is probably the person with the most character growth in Shadowhunters. He initially began the show trying to hide his feelings from everyone, but ended up realizing that he’s proud of who he is and what he wants. Alec goes above and beyond for his friends and his family, and let’s be real, he definitely earns the brother of the year award. When it comes to the people that he loves, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do.  – Rachel Foertsch

Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow)

Sara Lance crashed hard into season 2 of Arrow. Her badass fighting skills and undeniable chemistry with Oliver, took us for a ride. Later Sara became even more intricate, when we found out about her relationship with Nyssa Al Ghul. Sara’s jump to Legends of Tomorrow’s leading lady was not a surprise, to say the least. Now, she is stealing the hearts of men and women throughout time. Sara’s strength, forgiveness, and love is a force to be reckoned with. It’s also why we love her! – Brittney Santiago

Lexa (The 100)

Lexa was the badass Grounder Commander and Clarke’s love on The 100. We had so much respect for her because of how she handled herself in love and in war and we miss her dearly. As a character, Lexa became an icon almost immediately. Lexa didn’t fit a mold, she broke it. She wasn’t afraid to let her heart guide her toward the leader of a group she often conflicted with (Clarke), and she also worked to unite the 12 clans peacefully, despite her people’s history of violence. Her accidental death was a blow to the fandom, as well as the LGBTQ community but she rose from the ashes to save Clarke in the City of Light and go out like a true warrior. Lexa’s flame may have died out but our love for her never will. – Meg Bonney

This is not a complete list and that’s a GREAT thing! Tell us your other favorite characters! Happy Pride Month to you all!


Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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