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Dark Matter 3×04 recap: Three’s no good, never-ending day in, “All the Time in the World”

Dark Matter recap 3×04, “All the Time in the World” aired on June 23, 2017

Poor Three has all the time in the world and he couldn’t be more miserable. Our crew gets stuck in one heck of a temporal loop. Initially, Three is the only individual on the ship who is aware of the continuing anomaly. Even Android and Sarah are subject to the daily reboot. Every time that Three gets knocked out or falls asleep, the day resets itself and it’s “Deja Doo” all over again for Three. The episode kicks things off with Three having already gone through the same day at least a few dozen times. During tonight’s live-airing, showrunner, Joseph Mallozzi tweeted out that he made a conscious choice to start the episode with the time loop already in play. It really was a good call. It was initially disconcerting as a viewer to just fall in right in the middle of things. Then it was hilarious just watching Three deal with the situation. We’ve seen tv shows and movies use this plot device, but Anthony Lemke and company absolutely own it with their execution. Three learning French between loops so that he could prove to Android that he’s telling the truth about revealing the day. Three tries to cajole new crew members, Solara and Adrian, into revealing their deep, dark secrets so that he can use this as yet more proof that he’s stuck in a “Groundhog Day”-type of situation.

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Each morning, Three wakes up with new knowledge that he shouldn’t have. When the fact that he suddenly knows French and can sing it quite delightfully along with Android isn’t enough to convince the others that he’s telling the truth and not pranking them, Three tries a new approach. At the start of each repetitive morning, we see Android working on some mechanical issue the ship is having. Three convinces her to tell him the exact problem so that he can use this knowledge as yet more proof. It takes a few tries and boots to the face from Solara before he gets the wording just right, but he manages to convince Android and then Two that he’s telling the truth. The hard part of this triumph is that he just gets knocked out again and again.

Android and Two try to help diagnose the exact issue. Why is this happening and why is Three the only person aware of what’s going on?The ship’s android wonders if this new development might have something to do with Sarah’s return. Initially, Three is resistant to the idea of visiting his old love, but with each repeated encounter he softens his guard and allows himself to be relieved to have her back. The looping day works in Three’s favor when one of Ryo’s mercenaries makes it aboard the ship and “kills three”. Very much alive and aware of this new danger, Three cuts through his morning routine and lets the crew know exactly what’s going on. Raza’s crew decides to lay a trap for the merc, Ash. They make an interesting discovery about the guy and find out why he can just pop up out of nowhere. Ash can phase through walls.

At one point, Adrian jumps in to help Three and he ends up getting pulled into the time looping madness along with Three. Making it a team effort, the team gives Ash the Han Solo treatment. Then they come together to try figuring out exactly what’s causing the time loop and how to break it. They figure out that the problem is due to a piece of stolen tech that Adrian brought on the ship. Using the device, Android has the chance to do some hopping through time. Then things get weird and definitely scary. During one of the jumps, we see Android lying on the table in pieces and she’s been interrogated about the illegal tech in her system and the other androids who have liberated themselves. After that, we see Android again, only she looks very Goth and Five looks OLD. Clearly, much time has passed for this trip. This Five sounds bitter and resolved. The old woman tells Android that she cannot be allowed to manipulate time any longer. Elder Five reveals that the rest of the crew has been gone for quite a long time. She also drops a few other truth bombs or truth teasers of things to come for our favorite crew. Doom and gloom filled elder Five’s visage as she tells Android of things to come, “Dwarf Star’s Conspiracy, The Double Deception, Kryden, Carina, The Accelerated, The Fall of the House of Ishida, a meeting with your creator, and the Black Ships.”

Sounds like the crew has a very eventful season ahead of them, and Four better get himself together because that whole “Fall of the House of Ishida,” doesn’t sound too promising for him either. Either way, the crew is now oblivious to the troubles coming their way since Elder Five erased Android’s memories of meeting her. Meanwhile, Android succeeds in breaking the loop upon her return to the group’s current timeline. She just rips out the guts of the machine and voila…no more timey-wimey headache for poor Three. Someone get that man a drink or two. He’s a had a day. Quite a few of them.

What could Elder Five’s prophesy have meant? Young Five was all doom and gloom this week, as well, but that was down to Six’s departure (temporary?). Was anyone else bummed that Android didn’t get to see her Robo-bae from last season? He was shown in the “previously on” segment at the top of the episode, but that was mostly for the illegal tech he gave Android in that scene. What was your favorite part of Three’s looping, crazy no good day? For me it’s definitely the singing in French and then Three trying to get the exact wording down as to the ship’s mechanical problem. It was also funny that he tried to write it all down, but of course the writing disappeared when he went to sleep and time reset. Great episode. That was a Groundhog Day done right. Hit the comments with your thoughts on this week’s episode and which of Five’s prophesied crisises have you worried the most for our crew.

Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

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