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The best of Cisco and Wells on ‘The Flash’


In the season 3 finale of The Flash, we said goodbye to the charming, goofy and delightful Harrison “HR” Wells of Earth 19. HR had ultimately been the one who rescued Iris from Savitar’s lair and got fatally stabbed by the evil speedster in her place. In his last few words, he credited Cisco for giving him the strength to pull the swap stunt off.

As Barry noted, Cisco has had a connection with every Wells that Team Flash has worked with (one for each season so far). Before HR, Cisco worked with Earth 1’s Harrison Wells (who wasn’t the real Harrison Wells, if you remember) on the particle accelerator and stuck by him following the explosion. Then he and Earth 2’s Harry constantly annoyed each other. Which Cisco/Wells relationship was our favourite, and what are their best scenes?

3. Cisco and HR

After not one but two Wellses turned out to not be who they appeared to be, Cisco was suspicious of the jovial HR – and rightfully so. Fortunately, HR’s biggest secret was that he wasn’t actually a genius like the other Harrisons. At least he’s not evil or hiding some agenda. Still, he didn’t get Cisco’s Empire Strikes Back reference. How disappointing. Cisco was HR’s main link to Team Flash, and between the two, they had some much needed pep talks.

the flash cisco ramon hr wells
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Their best scene: Cisco tells HR that he is a valued member of the team as they prepare for the showdown against Savitar (3×22).

2. Cisco and Harrison

Technically, Harrison Wells here isn’t really Harrison Wells, but Eobard Thawne pretending to be Harrison Wells. Regardless, the two science-minded men forged a deep connection. Eobard most recently admitted to Ray Palmer on Legends of Tomorrow that he missed the camaraderie he had with Cisco and Caitlin. Before that, he had also confessed that Cisco had shown him what it was like to have a son – right before he regrettably vibrated his hand through Cisco’s heart. Luckily, Barry changed that timeline. However, Cisco was severely disappointed to find out that the man he respected and enjoyed working with was a killer.

the flash cisco ramon harrison wells
image: the CW

Their best scene: watching cartoons together in Star Labs. Even though it was a short moment, you can tell that Thawne enjoyed Cisco’s company (1×15).

1. Cisco and Harry

It took Cisco a while to warm up to Earth 2’s Harrison Wells, who he insisted on calling “Harry”. At that point, Cisco was still shaken from the revelation that the man he thought was Harrison Wells was really the time-travelling murderer Eobard Thawne. Furthermore, Harry was uncouth and messed up Cisco’s stuff when he got pissed. As Cisco put it – “Our Dr Wells may have been evil but you’re just a di*k.” But despite their constant bickering, Cisco and Harry were eventually able to tolerate each other enough to do science brainstorming together. Harry even upgraded Cisco’s Vibe goggles!

the flash harry wells cisco ramon
image: cultjer

Their best scene: Harry beats Cisco to naming Mirror Master (3×04).

Runner-up: Cisco guiding Harry in impersonating Eobard Thawne (2×07).

The Flash returns for season 4 on October 10, 2017.

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