‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B discussion: the reveal of Charlotte’s killer, the confession, and A.D. theories

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 19, “Farewell, My Lovely,” Aired June 20, 2017

With only one episode left, the Pretty Little Liars series will soon be endgame.

I’m so not ready for it to be over with but I’m excited to FINALLY have all the loose ends tied up. It will be great to know the full story behind what we have been watching for 7 years because it’s about damn time we knew the truth!

This weeks episode told us who Charlotte’s killer was and despite the Liars thinking they were done and going to jail, a surprise confession got them off with Archer Dunhill’s murder. Let’s discuss!

Charlotte’s killer revealed:

Mona Vanderwaal was revealed to be Charlotte’s killer. Were y’all happy with this? I actually guessed Mona did it so I wasn’t surprised with this reveal. It also makes total sense that she would be the one to do it, once you understand her more.

Mona was originally A, then the game got stolen from her by Charlotte. Mona was then, of course, mad so she confronted her at the bell tower. Not only that, but Mona knew she would continue to do harm to the girls so she wanted to stop Charolotte from doing so. YASS, Mona! (Although, I don’t think killing her was the right call … ) Anyway, the two argued, which lead to Mona threatening to push Charlotte to her death. Thankfully, she didn’t do it, but they ended up fighting each other. It was always going to end badly, but in this case, Charlotte was the unlucky one. Her neck was impaled by something sticking out the wall. So, technically her death was an accident. Hmm, try convincing that to the cops, Mona!

Side note: let’s hope poor Mona gets the help she needs!

The crAzy confession:

Just as we thought the Liars were being sent to jail, a confession to Archer Dunhill’s murder was made. Mary Drake confessed to the crime, meaning Spencer and the girls got to walk away free. WHAAAT! Crazy, right? We knew Mary said that she wanted to repay Spencer but I didn’t think she would go as far as that. (Also, we can’t feel too bad for her. She did kill her sister!) Were you happy about this happening?

The big A.D. reveal:

The biggest reveal is yet to come? A.D.’s true identity! There are so many theories out there and my brain hurts from trying to connect all the possible dots – LOL! I have a shortlist of A.D. suspects (read up here in my first post and then my updated post as the season developed). With only one episode left, I have narrowed down my top 4 A.D. suspects below (in no particular order):

#1 Caleb

Did y’all notice Caleb acting shady af in the latest ep? What if he was the one Mona was actually meant to meet and it wasn’t a coincidence that they followed her. How about how he just KNEW that secret door was there in the bathroom. Also, I had a horrid fear that he was going to murder Spencer down in that tunnel, especially when he apologized. I was thinking, WHY ARE YOU APOLOGIZING? WHAT YOU GONNA DO? But, obvi, that was just because he married Hanna … LOL! Seriously though, Caleb could be a possibility. He could have easily made that game, right? He knows tech! Now, with him married to Hanna, she wouldn’t be able to testify against him – uh-oh!

#2 Wren

Despite us only getting a glimpse of Wren a few episodes ago, I still think he is a part of all this in some way. Think of all the many connections leading back to Radley Sanitarium (where Wren worked) and the references to doctors we have seen so far. After all, Archer Dunhill was a ‘doctor’ and perhaps he have got that far in the medical world because he had Wren’s help? Overall, despite Wren’s beauty and lovely accent, there is something very shady there. I still NEED to know why he was meeting with Spencer (or “Spencer”) and why they wanted it kept a secret. Hmm, what are you guys hiding?

#3 Spencer’s twin

There is a huge crazy theory out there that Spencer has a twin, and I believe it! From Spencer acting weird in situations, to suddenly changing clothes, and so much more, I think it would make sense. Imagine if this whole time we thought it was Spencer but it was actually her twin? What if Spencer didn’t get out the dollhouse and it was really her twin that did? OMG, the theories are endless!

#4 Melissa 

I’m not sure how, but I think there could be a possibility that Melissa is A.D. – wouldn’t that be a horrid twist and shame to the Hasting’s family? There is enough drama stemming from that fam, so the final blow could be that Melissa was A.D.!

Who do you think is A.D.? Let’s discuss before the PLL end game next week! Make sure to share your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below and give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

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