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‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer #2: 9 key scenes

In light of our Game of Thrones rewatch, the HBO gods #blessed us with another surprise Game of Thrones season 7 trailer. We broke down the key scenes from the first trailer, so let’s get rocking and rolling and do the same with this one.

Watch the trailer:

1. Jon’s voiceover about families working together

Dany shows up as Jon says a voiceover about families working together, which obviously points to him talking about his aunt (Dany) and soon-to-be-revealed uncle, Tyrion. (If you need a reminder about the popular theory that Tyrion is Aerys II’s son with Joanna Lannister, check out our refresher.) Jon’s statement is shaping up the season to be not just about defeating the White Walkers, but about defeating winter with your rad ass aunt and uncle. Plus, his cousin Sansa is starting to give us major Queen of The North feels, and we’re loving it.

2. Dany is back at Dragonstone.

At long last, Dany has made it back to where her family first settled after leaving Valyria all those years ago. It’s quite poetic and fitting that she nest here before taking her dragons and army to King’s Landing to kick Cersei’s ass.

3. Bran is warging the f*ck out.

It looks like Bran is stepping up his warging game, so hopefully that means we’ll get more insight into the past—raise your hand if you’re ready to see a Rhaegar flashback!

4. Brienne and Podrick are still badass AF.

Their garb alone is enough to get us jazzed for their return this season. Aside of Brienne and Jaime, this is one of our favorite dynamic duos.

5. Beric Dondarrion is BACK!

Who is Beric, you ask? He’s the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. You know, the guy who has been brought back to life by a Lord of Light priest, like, six times? (Check out our Lord of Light refresher for more details.) Our best guess is that Beric and his brothers team up with Jon in The North after the Lord of Light gives them a sign to go there and kick ass. They don’t need to see a White Walker to know that winter is here. And with a sword made of fire (and probably dragon glass), he’s the perfect ally for Jon and Co.

6. Iron Island ships

Ugh, in case you forgot, the Iron Islands somehow found a million trees to build ships and head out on a mission to forge a union with Dany. Unless your name is Khal Drogo and you somehow got Melisandre to wake your beautiful ass up, it ain’t gunna happen, guys.

7. Jaime finally being badass

Let’s not forget that Jaime isn’t just known for banging his sister. He’s a boss warrior, and now’s his time to shine with his restored honor (a-la his bestie Brienne.) Obvs, we are all hoping the fire in the trailer is from dragons. Our hope is that Tyrion is on a dragon, surrounds Jaime with fire, and then they bro it out, because Jaime never swayed from loving his (half) brother — also, no pun intended there. We’re referring to the fact that Tyrion is 99.99% half-Targaryen.

And before you comment that Jaime is team-Cersei now, let us remind you that we don’t know that for sure yet. Cersei did the exact thing that Jaime killed Aerys II for almost doing (blowing up the city with wildfire), so we still need to see how his reaction plays out.

8. The Dragons are f*cking huge.

We swear to the seven hells if we don’t get a spinoff with more dragons, we’ll call up Mr. White Walker himself and bring HBO its own winter.

9. Sansa preaching the good word.

At the end of the trailer, we get a voiceover of Sansa saying the “packs arise”. To us, this is bringing Jon’s voiceover from the trailer’s beginning full circle. This season is about banding the disjointed families together—Stark, Targaryen—and finally merging “ice and fire” to defeat winter. Let’s do this, bitches.

We also have to callout the Missandei and Grey Worm scene, because we’re pretty sure that was them making out, and they’re ultimate #relationshipgoals.

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