‘Famous in Love’ Finale Recap: Season 1 left us with questions!

Famous in Love Finale Recap: Season 1, Episodes 9 & 10, “Fifty Shades of Red” & “Leaving Los Angeles”, Aired June 13, 2017.

When FreeForm announced they were doing a 2-hour finale event for Famous in Love we all knew it would be spectacular. We could also guess that it would end in a huge cliffhanger! We don’t know about you but we hate those! Not knowing if the show is going to be picked up for a second season, we’re not okay with a huge cliffhanger and not knowing what’s next for our Famous cast. 

Let’s recap the season finale. It was a jam-packed two hours and a lot happened!

Paige, still everyone’s friend. Still having issues with both of her besties, Paige is growing closer to Rainer. She’s being followed by the paparazzi and leading the “star” life. She’s been given her own driver and now that both of her roommates are moving out, she needs a safer place to live. Both Rainer and Jake have told Paige that they want to be with her, but who will she choose? How will she pick? We don’t know about you but we don’t think it’s the worst place to have to be in. They’re both great guys and they’re both totally different! Jake is the guy that is always there for her but Rainer is going to be a little walk on the wild side for Paige. Not to mention, they’re both incredibly HOT! Paige has her work cut out for her!

Rainer, the lover. Rainer has spent this entire season trying to get Paige to let her guard down and go out with him. It’s working until he shows up at Jordan’s movie premier drunk and punches out a reporter. He clearly fell off the wagon after the news that Alan is his real dad. While it’s sad to see Rainer off the wagon, we have to say, drunk Rainer was comical. Rainer composes himself with the help of Paige and gets back to work. These two make an awesome team. He knows he wants Paige, but he’s not so sure if he still wants fame. He tells Paige at the press conference that he wants to quit and give everything up. Do you think he will really do it?

Famous in Love
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Jordan, the fighter. Jordan has had to fight for everything he has and it looks like the fight is only going to get bigger. He’s being threatened by Barrett Hopper to expose all of his secrets. Tangey is never going to forgive him for his affair with Nina. Someone finally takes Barrett out and Jordan is nowhere to be found, could he have been the one that shot him? Jordan has killed before so we know he has it in him. We can’t see him really just shooting anyone in cold blood but to keep all of his secrets safe, anything is possible right?

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Jake, the boy next door. Whenever Cassie or Paige needed a friend they automatically turned to Jake. To vent, to share the good news, or a shoulder to cry on he was always there. He was not supposed to get the girl or be the hero, Jake was the boy next door of the story. The best friend. Is he too late to win Paige’s heart? 

Cassie, the bestie. Cassie has been a little flaky but she is always there in a crunch. She’s let her own happiness sit on the backburner a lot to make sure that Paige and Jake were happy. It was awesome to see Cassie finally stand up for herself and make the decision to move out and put her happiness first. Adam seems to be good for Cassie. He pushes her to not only work things out with her friends but to also make her own dreams come true. 

Famous in Love Recap
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Nina, the HBIC. Nina made so many bad decisions and they’re all starting to unravel. Rainer finally found out that Alan is his father and Barrett is not the only one that found out that she’s been sleeping with Jordan. Tangey also knows and she knows that she’s been sleeping with Jordan since he was underage and she’s threatening to expose them unless she fires Xu YiFei. Nina has to fix all of the messes in her life before she can mend the fences with her son. 

Alexis, Tangey, and Adam, Oh My! Alexis is straight up cray. Rachel fired her from Jake’s movie after they all fired Jake so she lures Rachel to her apartment and makes a sex tape of them. Alexis releases the tape online and cries wolf on a talk show! Beotch is crazy! However, she’s also smart. She came out and gained publicity all in one fell swoop. She also got back at Rachel for firing her. Tangey is a chip off the old block. Blackmailing Nina is something straight out of the Ida playbook! Go on girl! Adam has to be the sweetest guy alive! Letting Cassie move in with him and they’ve been together all of a hot minute! It’s going to be the best thing ever or the fastest way to end their relationship!

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Final Thoughts: 2-hours later and so many questions!

Hopefully FreeForm renews Famous in Love for the 2nd season. This dynamic cast and the engaging storyline has definitely become a guilty pleasure for many. Now there’s more than one cliffhanger that will need to be answered in season 2. What are your thoughts on the season finale? What about the first season as a whole? Who do you ship? Let us know! Tweet us at @purefandom or comment below!

Bombshells of the week:

  • Jordan told Barrett he’ll give him an exclusive on killing his mom’s boyfriend!
  • Rainer found out Alan is his dad!
  • Someone shot Barrett Hopper and he knew them!
  • Jake interrupted the press conference to tell Paige he loved her!
  • Tangey is blackmailing Nina!
  • Rainer wants to give up being an actor and lead a normal life!
Famous in Love
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7 Questions we have to have answered:

  1. Who shot Barrett Hopper?
  2. Who will Paige choose? Rainer or Jake?
  3. Will Nina fire Xu YiFei?
  4. Will Rainer ever forgive his mom?
  5. Will Tangey ever forgive Jordan?
  6. Can they release a real version of Locked so we can all watch it?
  7. Do you think Rainer will really quit and leave Hollywood behind?

Famous in Love‘ airs Tuesday’s on the FreeForm network at 9pm|8pm CST, or stream the entire 1st season now on the FreeForm App or on Hulu.

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