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5 Reasons to catch up on ‘Arrow’

In it’s fourth and fifth season, the CW’s Arrow suffered a huge loss in viewership. The reasons for this aren’t completely known, but a quick look around social media reveals plenty of theories. Former fans attribute their departure to factors such as the death of Laurel Lance, the break-up of fan favorite couple “Olicity”, and just a general lack of entertainment. In short, many viewers left Arrow because they were upset with the storylines or just plain bored. If you are one of the many who abandoned ship over the past couple years, it’s time to come back. Here are the 5 reasons you should catch up before Arrow season 6.

FYI: In order to fully convince you to pick Arrow back up, the post is full of spoilers. Beware!

Oliver and Felicity’s romance is back on track

Arrow Season six

It seems no one is happy with the way Olicity was originally handled. Fans of the couple were disappointed in the rushed relationship and contrived drama between the two, while non-shippers despaired over the amount of screentime spent on said drama. No longer! A year after their failed engagement, Oliver and Felicity are quietly rekindling their romance. It’s the relationship development fans hoped for from the moment they met – it’s simple, easy, and completely meant to be. It’s also subtle and realistic, there hasn’t been any drama as of yet, and it was handled in such a way that many fans were not even quite sure Olicity was back on. Arrow seems to be learning from its mistakes, focusing on the growing relationship between its leads without relying heavily on relationship drama.

Laurel Lance is back (with a catch)

arrow season 6

If you angrily quit Arrow after the devastating death of Laurel Lance, there is good news! Katie Cassidy once again has series regular status, and has been making appearances as Black Siren, Laurel’s Earth-Two counterpart. While, yes, this is not the Laurel we know and love, it appears to be the only way the showrunners can atone for their mistakes. Arrow seems to be headed in the direction of a redemption arc for the character. A good-natured Earth-Two Laurel certainly doesn’t make up for the loss of her Earth-One counterpart, but for Laurel fans, it’s better than nothing. And this may even result in a character more similar to the comic’s Dinah Laurel Lance, if Black Siren sheds the evil but keeps the scream and the sass.

Black Canary is (also) back

arrow season 6

If you haven’t been keeping up with all things Arrow, this one may seem a bit confusing. Yes, Black Canary is back, but it has nothing to do with the return of Katie Cassidy. Arrow has introduced yet another Black Canary, in the form of Dinah Drake. Fans of the comics will recognize this name – Dinah Drake was the original Black Canary, and the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance. This Dinah is in no way related to Laurel, and one can only assume that the name was chosen to give some validity to the Black Canary moniker. Whatever the reasoning is, it’s working. Dinah is an enjoyable addition and a great Black Canary, complete with the meta-human canary cry fans wished for in previous seasons. If you left Arrow because you can’t have a Green Arrow TV show without Black Canary, it’s time to return.

A return to compelling villains

arrow season 6

There is no doubt that Arrow has struggled with creating an antagonist worthy to fill the void left by Slade Wilson after season two. The Ras al Ghul storyline was under-developed and the Damien Darhk storyline turned messy. The good news is, season five’s villain was fantastic. The overall arc of the season was reminiscent of season two’s beloved Deathstroke storyline, and Adrian Chase turned out to be a terrifying villain. If you enjoyed Oliver’s struggles against the smart and revenge-hungry Deathstroke, you are sure to be entertained by Prometheus. And if nothing but Slade Wilson himself will do – well, he’s back too. If season five is any indication, Arrow is back on track with well thought out and compelling antagonists.

The boredom is no more

arrow season 6

Yes, Arrow got boring. No one seems to be denying that. Many viewers cannot recall the events of the past few seasons despite having watched them. This problem is gone. The final half of Arrow‘s fifth season was well written, suspenseful, and fun to watch. Arrow was unafraid to take risks, spending entire episodes on certain ideas – like Oliver’s capture and subsequent torture at the hands of Prometheus, or the relationship between Oliver and Felicity as they are trapped in the bunker. Arrow rid itself of the overly formulaic pattern it had fallen into, and thus brought back the heart of the show so many people love.

If you quit Arrow, it’s time to take another chance on it. Go check it out – all episodes are now streaming on Netflix. If you do decide to give it another shot, let us know! You can comment your thoughts down below or give us a shout on Twitter – @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce.

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