‘Blood Drive’ recap 1×02: “Welcome to Pixie Swallows”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 2, “Welcome to Pixie Swallows”, Aired June 21, 2017

Everybody tastes the same on the griddle.

Day two of the race concludes at Pixie Swallows. A quaint little roadside paradise is providing a full belly of organic beef and a place to rest your head after you have had your fill. That is, of course, if you are not already residing in the kitchen. Or in the belly of another traveler.

Arizona has a slightly different feel than the California Territories. This isn’t a place where a person gets their teeth knocked out from trying to get a drink of water. No, this is a place where a roadside diner isn’t that far out of the ordinary. At Pixie Swallows, people are enjoying all sorts of beverages which have most likely been produced by Heart Enterprises. The food isn’t all that expensive, either. After seeing the prices, you should catch the warning signs. In a world where gas is insanely expensive you can get a burger at this joint for $6.50, fries for $3.00, Slaw for $2.00, and mac-n-cheese for $6.00. Given how this episode plays out, I am scared to ask how they made the mac-n-cheese.


The atmosphere in this place is good. They must have an extremely high Yelp review for all the business coming through here. The customers are happy, the waitress is super cheerful, and the food arrives fast and fresh — even though some of the people eating the food end up as the food. Okay sure, the management in this place needs help. It is one thing to go from being in the Doner Party to opening the Doner Family restaurant, but the tough times calls for tough measures. (Side note: This is the reason why I skip fast food.) I won’t even touch the sanitary issues of Daddy smoking while grinding the leg, err, meat. You never know what, or who, is going to be in those burgers, and we won’t even mention the corn dog. Would you like to supersize that order?

The Scholar and the Gentleman

From the moment we first laid eyes on this pair you knew there was something going on behind the scenes. As the saying goes, opposites do attract. Well, sort off. The Scholar thinks there is much more to the relationship than The Gentleman does. His plans for after the race do not include the Scholar. This news does not go over well for the Scholar, and you can understand why. He just had his heart broken. To think you actually mean something, only to be told that you are just there for the race. Harsh.

We have already seen that the Scholar is a little more attentive to the vehicles than anyone else. He is a true gear-head or whatever you call a mechanic of organic engines. Now that we know the SCAR reveled morally questionable fuel alternatives, it is safe to assume this is where the engines came to life. Yes, life; they are totally alive. With that in mind, is/was the Scholar a Heart Enterprises employee? With his knowledge, he very well could have been in research and development.

In the end, the Scholar is rescued from becoming the blue-plate special. After his near-death experience, he takes control by pulling the Gentleman in for a kiss. Sure, he got slapped afterward, but their relationship is complicated, plus the Gentleman didn’t pull away that quickly, either.

Heart Enterprises, please hold.

Slink has been called to the head office, because he is in trouble. The powers that be weren’t all that thrilled with him bringing Arthur into the mix. Having a Contracrime cop in a slightly illegal race goes against a few principles. Not one to be corrected, Slink points out the Arthur is as perfect as an unpredictable narrative device. The corporation has a bigger plan for Blood Drive, though: global broadcasting. Luckily for Slink, his little display of paranoia helped him keep his job.


Another note on Heart Enterprises corporate office, we have another Aki model. It looks like we are going to see that model a lot in the show. Also, we meet the poor schmuck who just happened to sit next to Julian in the waiting room. While he did, ever so briefly, have a new job it makes you wonder where this office is? Was he a California native? We only got a brief look at a few Californians, so it is hard to tell.

Welcome to the company.

Femdom Aki offers Chris a job at Heart Enterprises where there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. Besides all the weird stuff and light-up panels, of course. She even lets him explore, as long as he doesn’t contact Arthur. But, like any good partner, he immediately contacts Arthur. In that brief conversation, the location of Karma is passed along, allowing Grace and Arthur to hatch a plan to save her.

Things don’t go well for Chris after he decides to become a man on the inside. The ever-watching eye of Aki knows what he has been up to, so he will also receive a behavior modification as a bonus prize. This modification should be an interesting twist for the character. On the bright side, he does get a new eye.

The fight at Pixie Swallows

Cannibals and racers. You knew there would be a massive fight, didn’t you? When the cannibals show up, everyone is involved in the fight. Something you might have missed was the weapon Clown Dick was utilizing. Earlier in the episode we see that he wears a strap-on dildo, hence the name Clown Dick. During the fight, he had disconnected that 12-inch monster so he could kill people with it. Nothing like a multi-tool.


The one thing we weren’t expecting was Ripbone’s love for animals. Seriously, it is summer, and I think that scene should be played as a public service announcement. Leave your dog in the car without the windows cracked? Ripbone is coming for you. Good thing for Caligula. That pup is going to have a rather protective owner now.


Elvis has left the building


This week we say goodbye to Fat Elvis. A greedy man who likes burgers and hates cops. Unfortunate for him, he is soon to be on the menu. Though, his dismemberment scene was brilliantly shot through the swinging door. Daddy is extremely efficient at cleaning a kill.

Vehicle Identification

A few more cars have been identified this week. If you have additions, let me know.

  • Volkswagon Karma Ghia 1960’s (hard to tell the exact year)
  • 1978 Corvette: Based on the color scheme, it is the Indy 500 Special Edition model.
  • 1971 Mustang Mach 1: Clown Dick who, btw, is wearing a strap on.
  • 70’s era Ford truck
  • 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, formally driven by Fat Elvis.

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