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Tissues at the ready: Saddest ‘Once Upon a Time’ scenes

We take a look at the saddest scenes from Once Upon a Time!

Although the show is about magic, love and hope, there are moments where we have to hastily grab a tissue or blot our tears with our best friend’s shirt sleeve. Whether it be you favorite character’s death or an angtsy scene between your favorite ship, we have had our fair share of tears, especially with these top 5 scenes. (I know, a lot of the sad scenes happened in season 5. Dark times.)

Emma leaves Hook in the Underworld


Oh my gosh, it has been over a year, and I still cry over this scene whenever I happen upon it. The sad thing is that I can’t help but watch this episode all together. It really pulls at your heartstrings.

Emma had journeyed all the way to the Underworld to save her man, only to find out he would not be going home with them. They made promises to each other that they would move on, and that, my friends, is where my tear ducts kind of exploded. In that scene, you saw how open Emma had become to love, and that is something she never really experienced before. Not to mention that they were declared true love only moments before.

Robin makes the ultimate sacrifice


Okay, I will say this once and I won’t say it again: this death was so uncalled for. I do appreciate the fact that it was a sacrifice to save Regina, and that was totally his intention. He wanted to save the woman he loved.

However, Regina had finally found her happy ending. Then, all too suddenly, it was snatched from her. Dang you, Hades! While I am a die-hard Captain Swan shipper, Outlaw Queen was so good together, and nobody can deny that they deserved happiness too. Also, Robin was so unproblematic.

Emma breaks off the engagement (boo!)


THIS GETS ME. I remember being oh-so happy that Captain Swan was finally engaged. Then I remember screaming when she gave the ring back. There were also some tears involved and a lot of tweeting.

Not only was this scene soul-sucking, but the emotions from Emma and Hook were so raw. Hook had wanted to tell her the truth about Emma’s grandfather, but Emma was upset he didn’t trust her enough to tell her asap. She tells him that they have to open up to each other always because no matter what, they will still love each other. Honestly, this scene is just awful, and I will never rewatch this scene ever again. I lie, I will.

Hook dies to save Storybrooke


Gah, I forget why I chose to write this post. It’s bringing back so many emotional times. It was a rainy day when I watched this episode, so it really reflected the darkness going on during the episode. It was a bad idea to wear  makeup during this scene—tons of black smears on my face.

What makes it so painful is the fact that he didn’t have to die. Have I mentioned how much I hate Rumple?! He wanted to be the man Emma deserved and to do that, he had to sacrifice himself for her and the town. Again, the emotions during this scene felt like Regina was ripping my heart from my chest. I still cry when I rewatch this scene. Honestly, why do I keep watching these scenes?

Graham is murdered


Again, another character who did not deserve to die. No, I wouldn’t want him with Emma, but I liked his character, and I think he could have been a good edition to the Storybrooke crew. (I did ship Gremma though.)

Graham was the one who started chipping away at Emma’s walls. She was finally going to give into to the possibility of love after being burned by Neal (complete shade to Neal. Sorry, not sorry.) Regina thought otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, I like Regina’s character, but I can’t forgive her for killing him for NO REASON.

Bonus scene: Pan’s curse forces a major separation


I just rewatched this episode the other day, and OMG, I forgot how much this scene hit me in the feels. Just when Emma thought she could finally be happy and have her family, Pan goes ahead and casts his curse. Seeing everyone say good bye to Emma and Henry was so heart wrenching. Emotions, emotions every where. Tears, tears all around.

Although these scenes make our hearts break, they are part of what makes this show so great. I like angst sometimes. What was the most heart breaking scene for you? Sign off below or tweet me!

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