Unaired ‘Powerless’ recap: 1×10, “Win, Luthor, Draw”

Unaired Powerless recap, Season 1 — Episode 10, “Win, Luthor, Draw,” Aired June 16, 2017


DC All Access released one of the two unaired episodes of Powerless on Friday, June 15, as a tribute to Adam West. One of his his last roles was a guest role on the prematurely cancelled series, as Dean West, Chairman of Wayne Industry.

The episode remained as high-energy and irreverent as ever. We got to see the oft-mentioned but never-before-seen LexCorp. LexCorp’s campus looks a lot like a mishmash of super cool tech companies. We also got a brisk joke, wherein President Luthor’s compared to President Trump.

Check the episode out on the DC Entertainment YouTube channel. It’ll remain uploaded in its entirety for a limited time.


Episode Recap

Emily has happily invested all her savings into her new condo. As she’s pointing out how close her condo is to the office building, everyone watches as space rays shoot at it.

Emily devastated; her condo’s destroyed and she’s lost everything. What’s even worse is that her insurance refuses to cover the loss because, technically, aliens are from the future which means the event hasn’t happened yet.

Later that day, the office learns that a strange wormhole, the source of the space rays, has opened up. President Luthor’s only reaction to the wormhole is an erratic tweet that the aliens will pay for the damage. While Teddy scoffs at the fact that they have a president who types tweets in all caps, Van’s a huge fan of President Luthor because he receives huge tax cuts. 

Emily goes to her tiny condo to pick up what hasn’t been destroyed. Teddy, Ron, Wendy, and Jackie come by for moral support. They’ve made her a care package: clothes from Wendy (mostly cat sweaters) and apartment listings via Teddy.

The next day, Chairman West drops by Wayne Security with bad news. Van hopes for a promotion are dashed. West is here on an efficiency call: as a result of the space ray attack on a part of Wayne Industry, the entire organization needs to downsize. He orders Emily to fire one of the department heads at Wayne Security.

The department heads are Teddy, Ron, and Wendy. Emily balks.

Emily hems and haws, wondering what her options are in this scenario. She doesn’t listen to Jackie’s logic that the easiest thing to do is fire someone. Instead, she researches where else in the company can downsize, which will offset the need to fire anyone. She submits the budget cuts to West.

Unfortunately, West comes back with the news that LexCorp reacted well to the new proposed budget and, now, after a year of stalling, they want to take over Wayne Security.

A week later, Emily, Teddy, Ron, and Wendy head over to LexCorp. (The campus is amazing.) They bump into Van, who’s shaved his head as a way to suck up to President Luthor. They’re completely wowed by the campus. And by the news that their department has been absorbed into LexCorp, which means that their jobs are safe.

Except for Jackie’s job. As she’s an assistant, LexCorp didn’t see the need for her.

Teddy, Ron, Wendy, and Van are already on board with joining the ranks of LexCorp. They hesitate at the idea about leveraging their jobs so that Jackie’s job is secure as well.

The group stumbles across the room that holds the source of the evil wormhole. When Emily tries to shut off the wormhole, a LexCorp employee finds them and tells them they need to be killed. Since President Luthor is set on destroying the world, anyone who discovers his nefarious plans must be eliminated.

Before they’re humanely executed, the group is saved by a super-fast Jackie.

The episode ends with an announcement that President Luthor, despite his comically evil plan, will not be impeached. Additionally, the fate of Wayne Security and Emily’s savings are still up for grabs.

Shenanigans of the Week

Van’s depressed because he didn’t get the promotion. He creeps around the office, eating ice cream out of a bucket.

He overhears Teddy and Ron talking about the logistics of becoming a superhero—a combination of chemicals, water, and electricity—and is intrigued. Because he can’t get the promotion via the Wayne family name and the gobs of money he has, he’s determined to become a superhero instead.

Teddy, ready to take advantage of any opportunity to make a fool out of Van, agrees to help him. Van passes out after simultaneously touching a live wire and getting splashed with a bucket of chemicals. Teddy and Ron pretend to move in slow motion to placate him, so Van runs around the office, convinced he’s become the Flash. Everyone just laughs at him and Van steams.

Later in the episode, Jackie ends up stepping in the bucket of remaining chemicals that the boys left out on the balcony. Obviously, there was a storm brewing and she gets hits with lightening.

Just in time to save her coworkers’ necks, Jackie turns into super-fast Jackie.


Final Thoughts

My god, I’ve missed this cast. This was a fitting way to officially send off the series. The fate of Wayne Security is up in the air as is the fate of everyone’s relationship with each other. Adam West’s cheeky turn-to-the-audience scenes were great; he kept turning his back to the actual characters, talking to either air or trees as if they were the audience, effectively confusing the rest of the cast, who still remained in character.

I love that it’s Jackie who gets superhero powers; the most apathetic, but most rational, of them all, she will be the one who’s least likely to leverage them for selfish reasons. She’s a busy mom who has to cater to a whiny grown-up child, so being able to lean on superspeed will ultimately help her. Despite her insistence that she’d rather not use her superspeed because it wrecks havoc on her shoes.

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