‘Shadowhunters’: How “Sizzy’s” journey could resemble ‘Teen Wolf’s’ “Stydia”

After nearly half a season of not even being in the same room, it looks like Shadowhunters is finally delivering on the “Sizzy” scenes. Compared to what we’ve been getting lately, that last episode felt like a “Sizzy” shipper’s heaven.

In “You Are Not Your Own” Simon enlists Isabelle’s help with Raphael and she opens up to him about her Yin Fen addiction, something that she was pretty closed off about with almost everyone. The two become like partners in crime for the day, and together, they get Raphael to back off of Simon for good.

I also have to admit I was grinning ear to ear when Raphael’s sister actually mistakes the two for a married couple. Can we just agree that this is foreshadowing because I need a “Sizzy” wedding sometime in my future.

After going for a moonlit walk in the rain (yes they actually did that) Simon promises to send Izzy all the info about the groups his mom used to go to in order to help with her addiction. In turn, Isabelle tells Simon that Rosa was right, he really is a catch.

So what exactly did this episode mean? Are Simon and Isabelle just going to go back to a couple conversations here and there, or are they finally going to start their journey to canon?

At the very beginning of Season 1 there seemed to be a pretty heavy focus on the possibility of Simon and Isabelle getting together. But as the season went on, the two had less and less screen time and it almost felt like their relationship had been completely forgotten about. Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason I feel like this ship is moving at a very similar pace as Teen Wolf’s Stydia.

As a shipper myself I know every ship is unique. While I’ll leave whether or not these characters actually resemble each other up to you, my point is not to compare the relationships or even say that “Stydia” and “Sizzy” have a lot in common. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But this is me saying that “Stydia’s” development was written in a very strategic way and I hope that Shadowhunters is planning on doing something similar pacing wise.

For those of you who aren’t Teen Wolf fans, just like “Sizzy,” Stiles and Lydia were also introduced as a possible romantic relationship at the beginning of the series, even though it mostly revolved around Stiles’ crush. What I’ve always loved about “Stydia” is that while the relationship was written to be a little young and stereotypical at first, it did a complete 180 and turned into one of the best love stories I have ever witnessed on television.

Neither characters were really mature enough for the kind of love they would later experience, so as the show went on their relationship was put on the back burner to give the characters a chance to grow into themselves before they were brought back together. And let me just say, this move was pure genius and the results were epic.

It could just be my inner “Stydia” shipper coming out (because let’s face it, will I ever love a ship more?) but I actually suspect Simon and Izzy are going to have a similar timeline and I’m pretty damn excited about it. Their interactions now feel a lot more mature then when they were originally introduced as a possible pairing in the show. The hints of being something more are much more subtle, and now that they’ve had a little time apart to grow it seems like they’re really going to base “Sizzy” off of a friendship rather than a romantic relationship right off the bat.

Just like “Stydia” is seems like Simon and Isabelle ditched the stereotypical “dorky guy and hot girl trope” and are going to become something else entirely.

Now I’m not saying that it’s going to take 6 years for them to finally call it official. Even though I loved the wait because yes I’m addicted to slow burns, I think others believe that “Stydia,” might have been dragged out just a little too long.

Before Season 2B even premiered, show runner Todd Slavkin did promise that although “Sizzy” will rise, it’s going to take some time:

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely think good development is worth the wait! “Sizzy,” we’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

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