6 Affordable ‘Pretty Little Liars’ gifts perfect for every super fAn

Pretty Little Liars fan, I have a treat for y’all.

I have rounded up six amazing products that I think you will all want to — from t-shirts, to books — I’ve got you covered!

#1. Pretty Little Liars ‘Straight Outta Radley’ T-shirt ($14)


How awesome is this t-shirt? Never mind “Straight outta Compton,” how about “Straight Outta Radley” on a t-shirt?

#2 Stainless Steel Pretty Little Liars Travel Mug ($16)


I LOVE coffee, and I know some of y’all will too, so I thought having a PLL-themed travel mug would be cool.

#3 Pretty Little Liars Box Set – Books 1 to 4 ($16)


Being a lover of the show, it’s only right to dive into the book series that inspired the show to come alive. Take some time out and read the books to explore even more drama that takes place in Rosewood.

#4 Pretty Little Liars Pendant Necklace ($7)


The PLL theme song will ALWAYS be remembered, so wouldn’t it be fab to wear a swanky necklace with some of the lyrics on it? I think it is pretty cute and will go with many outfits.

#5 Pretty Little Liars Pajama Pants ($18)


Need a new pair of lounge/pajama pants? How about these cozy black ones? They look hella comfy, and you can show them off to your friends when you chill out and binge-watch PLL together.

#6 Pretty Little Liars phone case (starting at $5)


The majority of people nowadays are joined at the hip with their phones, so how about changing up your phone cover to this fab one? It has all the Liars looking amazing on it with the logo and comes in different styles.

Let me know what your fav product is in the comment section below, and give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

Love always,


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