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‘Dark Matter’ recap: ep 3×03, “Welcome to the Revolution”

 Dark Matter, episode 3×03, “Welcome to the Revolution” aired on June 16th

Taking a break from their continued strife with former crew member, Ryo/Four, Raza’s crew gets pulled into someone else’s troubles this time around. Two and the others land at a mining colony where they are expected to see their old pal, Talbor. Turns out that the SOS they’d received came from Talbor’s assistant, Adrian Maro (Mishka Thebaud). Adrian intends to take over where his former boss left off. He appears cocky but has connections that could continue to be invaluable to Raza’s crew. Especially with all-out corporate war raging around them. Adrian is joined by his bodyguard, Solara Shockley (Ayisha Issa). Upon their arrival to the mining colony, the crew finds themselves in the middle of a revolt. The miners are done with being used by the corporations and want to rule over themselves. Three episodes into the new season, this trip to the colony sets up a chain of events that brings

Three episodes into the new season, this trip to the colony sets up a chain of events that brings forth more changes within Raza’s crew. By episode’s end, we’re down another original member. Last season we lost One. This season, Four slips further and further away from his old friends. By the end of “Welcome to the Revolution”, Ryo has hired mercenaries to help him take down his old crew and Six is saying his goodbyes. Original cast member, Roger Cross has quite the arc in this episode. First, he attempts to negotiate on the colonists’ behalf. Then when that doesn’t work out as expected and an old enemy pops up, Six decides to step up to fill the void of leadership for the colonists. Someone who can help them cut ties with the corporation without resorting to senseless murder. Of course, there is the badass moment when Six takes out the General with a single shot. A necessary evil and not in the same vein as the actions endorsed by the General himself. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of Six.

Back on the ship, Android discovers some irregularities and after investigating, she makes a discovery about a secret Five has been keeping from the rest of the crew. At the end of the season premiere, we saw Five and Three lost love, Sarah. The same Sarah who was supposed to be dead. As it turns out, Five took a neural imprint of Sarah’s brain and built spectrum where the neural imprint has sparked and is now a sentient being with the Raza’s computer system. The sentient being is actively building her own world. Three looked totally thrown by the discovery that some part of his dead love lives on. It will be interesting to see how he deals with the first encounter with virtu-Sarah.

With the crew down One, Four, Six and Nyx, they’re spread pretty thin. Makes total sense that Adrian and Solara will be coming aboard for a while. I’m not sure how invested I can get into these characters just yet. Definitely looking forward to seeing how they interact with the crew, but we also got three new crew members last season and they turned out to be temporary. Some leaving way more quickly than others. That said, Nyx was totally amazing, so I’m game for sure.

Speaking of Nyx, Misaki is still alive and very much has her leader’s trust as she is currently off-world handling negotiations for Ryo. His former tutor and Misaki continue to have Four’s attention. Last week, Misaki told Ryo that Raza’s crew makes him vulnerable. The emperor appears to take those words to heart. Unfortunately. He wants vengeance and the “Blink drive”. Too bad he doesn’t know that the drive is currently out of commission. Doubly uncool that the crew still thinks that Ryo killed Nyx. It will be interesting to see what happens next, even more so now than Six is gone. He was the peacemaker of the group and could usually be trusted to help rein the others in. What happens now that Ryo has his mercenaries and Misaki who wouldn’t bat an eye at the idea of severing the bonds between Ryo and the Raza crew permanently. Adding Solara and Adrian to the crew might help fill Six’s role. Only time will tell.

What did you think of tonight’s all new episode? Hit the comments with your favorite moments and speculation of what’s to come. Can Ryo be redeemed? Is this the last we’ve seen of Six? We have Android and now a Raza-Skynet in Sarah?


Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

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