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‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 could be delayed until 2019

Being a Game of Thrones fan is comparable to being an excited kid waiting for Christmas and realizing it’s still summer. Book readers who have invested in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series when it began in 1996 are used to the agonizingly-long waits for the next edition, and now TV viewers are feeling the same kind of hopeless anticipation with the recent news about Game of Thrones season 8.

Season 7 of the hit HBO show should have been out by now if it had followed the same release dates as its predecessors, but it was pushed back until July this year due to the fact that more scenes had to be filmed in winter. Fans don’t mind this too much, because winter is coming after all, but what they may be displeased about is the recent news about the final season. According to The Independent, showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss haven’t put pen to paper for the season 8 script yet, and it could be pushed back another year after the end of season 7.

Although this news is about as upsetting as Ned Stark’s beheading, it is probably better that the writers don’t rush things too much. They need to give the dedicated viewers the best possible conclusion. And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of things Game of Thrones fans can be doing in the meantime.

For those who haven’t read the books, they provide an excellent amount of detail and backstory that is missing from the popular series and also give clues as to what kind of spinoffs HBO may decide to do when the main story is finished. For gamers, there is Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series which has its own original storyline. Along with that, there is a Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming which features videos from the series. This Game of Thrones online slot review details how players have the opportunity to travel a map of Westeros by flipping a Braavosi coin, and meet characters like the Three-eyed Raven and the White Walkers. It’s definitely a cool way to enjoy elements of the show, while also having the opportunity to win some cash.

With regards to the forthcoming season of Game of Thrones, it would be rewarding to the viewers if the showrunners decided to give some kind of closure at the end rather than a nail-biting cliff-hanger. Think end of season 6, rather than the harrowing finale to season 5. If (spoiler alert!) fans had had to wait two years to find out whether Jon Snow was really dead, it would have been too much to handle.

Although the news will leave some viewers feeling depressed and empty, there is still plenty of Game of Thrones-based stuff to be getting on with in the meantime, from the Telltale Games series video game to online slots games, and even a board game. In addition, the showrunners have always been good at rewarding fans’ patience with exceptional payoffs. Look at it this way, that sad day when the series is fully wrapped up and over is now further away.

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