‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B recap: Top 3 moments and theories from 7×18, “Choose or Lose”

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 18, “Choose or Lose,” Aired June 13, 2017

GUYS, how crazy was Pretty Little Liars this week?

I’m freaking out! As we get closer and closer to the End Game and end date, I can’t stop thinking about all the possible theories and all the questions! Who the HECK is A.D.? Will the Liars go to jail for killing Archer Dunhill? Will we finally get to know the whole truth about everything – with no loose ends? Y’all, I just need the answers NOW. You feel me?

Let’s breakdown the top 3 moments that went down in the latest episode of PLL:

#1 Aria got caught betraying the girls

LOL, Aria, did you really think you could carry on betraying the girls without being caught? Oh, honey, you were SO wrong. Obvi, Mona was onto Aria and had all the evidence she needed to convince the others of Aria’s betrayal. For some reason they didn’t seem to believe Mona. Um, did y’all hear the same recording that I did? They really need to start giving Mona the credit she deserves.

The Liars then follow Aria and catch her in the act when she goes to meet A.D. – girl, you are OVER! No one was happy and everyone went cray on Aria. She tried to explain but it wasn’t going down well. To be honest, I get why Aria did it but I would be so mad at her too.  Aria can only blame herself for this one. Would you forgive Aria after that? Spencer started to think she could, until A.D. dropped a huge surprise on Aria. To thank Aria for her part on the A.D. team, A.D. had Aria eliminated from the suspect list. Spencer was not happy and walked out. Oh, well there goes their friendship, right out the door … literally!

#2 Haleb wedding

Wedding bells rang loud in Rosewood as Hanna and Caleb tied the knot in a low-key ceremony. Hanna’s mom organised everything so the last minute wedding could take place. It was only Hanna, Caleb and Hanna’s mom present but it was still so cute! I do hope (once things calm down – if they do) that they have a lavish party to celebrate them becoming husband and wife. Did you shed a tear as they said “I do”?

#3 Emison told the Liars about their romance (sorta)

YES, Emison shippers – the truth is finally out! We know Emily and Alison have already admitted their feelings to each other, and now the Liars know too. This makes me so happy! I have been waiting ages for these two to get together and make it official. “It’s about time” was muttered by Hanna, and we were like, same girl. SAME!

Also, can we all just appreciate Caleb’s face in that GIF? HAHAHAH!

CrAzy PLL theories:

  • Um, that so wasn’t Spencer who was with Toby – it has to be her twin. I had my suspicions when ‘Spencer’ was sketchy after meeting Wren, and now I’m finally convinced that it definitely wasn’t the real Spencer at the airport OR the cabin. After all, her clothes were different when she met up with the girls soon after her cabin hookup. C’mon, she couldn’t have left Toby’s cabin and changed that quick. Do you believe that Spencer might have a twin? After all, twins run in the fam, right?
  • OK, some of y’all might hate on me with this theory but I think Ezra might be A.D. AND I think he might be working with Caleb – just roll with me for a sec. A.D. has had this weird connection with Aria for awhile, only face-timing her etc, and now Aria gets let off free for the murder of Archer … hmm, not a coincidence. The other compelling evidence is that Aria was given a phone right after the raid on Ezra’s apartment. While talking to Aria,  A.D. said, “Our relationship isn’t over until I say it is.” Oh, OKAY, that you Ezra? Then Ezra just happened to find that file Aria had on him and he wasn’t mad at all? I’m sorry, but I smell something fishy here. The only question is, who could do the tech? That’s how Caleb would come into it. What if the two of them are working together? After all, Caleb asked Ezra to help him locate the missing game that he apparently knew nothing about. Who the heck told him? I hope I’m wrong ’cause I love Ezra and Caleb. Thoughts?
  • Mona isn’t A.D. because it would be far too obvious. Yo, writers, you aren’t going to fool us this time. I think she is simply playing against A.D. and is trying to figure who A.D. is before something terrible goes down. I truly believe that Mona wants to help the girls. Mona has got skills, so they shouldn’t turn down her help. (Side note: Can I find someone who looks at me like Mona looks at A.D.’s weird af board-game?)

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