‘Famous in Love’ recap: 1×08 “Crazy Scripted Love”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1 Episode 8, “Crazy Scripted Love”, Aired June 6, 2017

The season finale of Famous in Love is approaching fast, and Paige can’t seem to get her life back into a good rhythm since she started filming Locked. Our biggest question is: Is she going to keep denying the chemistry she has with Rainer Devon?

‘Famous in Love’ recap: 1×07 “Secrets & Pies”

Big girls don’t cry.

Once again, due to problems in her personal life, Paige is having issues nailing a scene. She has the lines down but isn’t delivering the emotion. Rainer suggests they go to lunch to try and he will teach her some of his tricks. We think this is just his way of not asking her on a lunch date. Are we alone in thinking they should just go ahead and date already? They have so much chemistry and it does no good to fight it!

Famous in Love
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Tangey’s mom is on the warpath:

  • She tells Nina that she better get back on the movie or else.
  • Nina tells her she was removed because of the investors.
  • Rainer suggests they shoot two versions. This works for Ida.

Jake, you’re fired. On your own movie. 

Alexis, still not being able to tell Jake that he’s being fired from his own movie project, is confronted by Paige. Paige had a meeting with the studio regarding upcoming projects and was given Jake’s script and told that they were getting a new writer. Jake overheard them arguing and finds out he’s being replaced. Twitter went nuts in support of Jake and then Paige when she tried to help Jake, and he decided he was going to quit school and move to Austin to become a PA on a movie. What did you think? Did Jake have the right to be upset with Paige when she suggested that he try to get his script back?

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Jake is going to Austin:

  • Is he really going to drop out of school?
  • Why didn’t he read the contract?
  • Everyone is leaving Paige!

Rainer to the rescue.

Rainer brings Paige donuts and tells her an emotional story of his own to try to help her with her scene. Paige asks Wyatt to give her another chance and he agrees, reluctantly. Paige rocks the scene – the performance is chill-worthy people. Does anyone else want to see this movie in real life? We don’t even really understand what it’s about, but it looks really good!

What did you think of Paige’s performance the second time around? Also how can you not love a guy that brings you donuts? Score one for Rainer!

Famous in Love
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Sometimes help is overrated:

  • Jake doesn’t want Paige’s help. He wants to move to Austin.
  • Jordan pays the bookie. Just a regular day, right?
  • Nina’s assistant is working with the slimeball reporter.

Nina’s been busy this week.

She just returned from Hong Kong, but that didn’t stop her from getting right to work. Alan is more suspicious than ever about Rainer’s paternity. He goes as far as stealing a hairbrush out of Rainer’s dressing room to send off for DNA. Finally, he decides to ask Nina point blank if he’s Rainer’s father.

Nina also has Tangey’s mother, Ida, breathing down her neck about getting Tangey back on the movie. It seems like this week she just can’t catch a break, especially when Jordan comes in and tells her that his mom is back and why. To top it all off her assistant seems to be spying on her when we see her snapping a photo of Jordan and Nina in a lip lock.

What do you all think? Does Nina bring most of this on herself by how shady she is?

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We thought Jordan loved Tangey?

  • What is he doing kissing Nina again?
  • Why can’t Nina just date Alan?
  • Alan is acting like Rainer is 5.

Final Thoughts: Next week is the two-hour season finale and things are getting crazy!

Nina’s assistant is working for scandal reporter Barrett Hopper, and she just gave him all kinds of scandalous information on a flash drive. This probably is not good, okay it’s definitely not good. Who are we kidding? Nina has more secrets than anyone and she probably is the one that has the secrets hidden of everyone else. Either Barrett is going to report them all at once or one at a time.

Alan has found out he’s Rainer’s dad and now wants to try to make up for the last 23 years, but you can’t do that with a game of catch.

Paige lost Cassie, and now Jake is gone off to Austin. The girl can’t keep a friend to save her life.

What do you hope to see in next week’s finale?

Famous in Love
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Bombshells of the Week:

  • They’re going to shoot two versions of locked. One for America and one for China.
  • Nina finally told Alan he’s Rainer’s father.
  • Nina’s assistant is a shady, backstabbing beotch!
  • Jake is moving to Austin! Well maybe, he has to get the job first.

6 Questions we need to have answered:

  1. Is Tangey going to forgive Jordan?
  2. Is Rainer going to find out about Jordan and his mom? Ewww. (Said in a total Jimmy Fallon voice)
  3. What is Barrett going to do with the information he got?
  4. Is Famous in Love going to be renewed for season two? We really, really need to know this!!!
  5. Is Jake really moving to Austin?
  6. Where the heck is Cassie?

Famous in Love airs Tuesday’s on the FreeForm network at 9pm|8pm CST, or stream the entire first season now on the FreeForm App or on Hulu.

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