Meet the drivers of Syfy’s blood-fueled new series, ‘Blood Drive’

Start your engines and get ready for Syfy’s newest series Blood Drive, premiering June 14 – a dystopian, grindhouse style series where drivers race across the country with cars that run on blood. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Just what can we expect from the characters that will be gracing our screens? Who are these people that are risking their lives to drive across the country? We don’t have all those answers yet, but let’s get to know a few of the key players in Blood Drive.

Grace d’Argento

Christina Ochoa stars as Grace d’Argento (Photo by: Syfy)

The beauty who drives the beast of a Camaro. Don’t trust that seductive look Grace (Christina Ochoa) will give you while sucking on a lollipop, or you might end up as fuel. Grace has a plan – win the race so she can save her sister.

Arthur Bailey

Alan Ritchson stars as Arthur Bailey (Photo by: Syfy)

The future is bleak. The police force is even darker. Still, there are those who have a moral compass and try to do the right thing. When Arthur (Alan Ritchson) sees people being fed into cars, he springs into action to save them. Unfortunately, he only ends up becoming another participant in the Blood Drive.

Christopher Carpenter

Thomas Dominique stars as Christopher Carpenter

Every cop needs a partner, and Arthur’s is Christopher (Thomas Dominique). With his Arthur forced into the race, Christopher does what any good partner would do – he launches an investigation to figure out what is happening. But needless to say, things don’t go as he planned.


Marama Corlett stars as Aki (Photo by: Syfy)

Engines that will chew you up aren’t the only thing you should be worried about. Say hello to Aki (Marama Corlett). Heart Industries created this synthetic life form for pleasure and pain. Pain is something that Aki can deliver quite effectively, thanks to her programming.

Julian Slink

Colin Cunningham stars as Julian Slink (Photo by: Syfy)

Every race requires a Grand Master of Ceremonies. The maker of the rules, the mastermind behind Blood Drive, the man in the spotlight… meet Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham). The glory of entertainment drives Slink to push the boundaries of the race with every turn. He knows how to entertain his followers with what they want most – blood and death.

Check out the insane trailer below, and let us know if you are excited to see Blood Drive. Keep checking back for recaps and more from Blood Drive.

Blood Drive will premiere on June 14th on Syfy at 10/9c

Featured image: Syfy


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