‘Dynasty’ actors: Compare the original cast to The CW’s reboot cast

How does our reboot cast for Dynasty stand in comparison to our original and beloved cast? Let’s put them next to each other to find out!

Blake Carrington

Dynasty cast then and now

Blake Carrington is a very strong willed character. A fair man that could sometimes be difficult. John Forsythe played this powerful part to the utmost degree. Grant Show is going to play the new head of Denver-Carrington. The men do look surprisingly similar. They certainly have the same distinguished good looks, and expression of stern power.

Krystle Carrington/Cristal Flores

Dynasty cast then and now

We have a slight name change for this character, but the same place is held in the show. In the original, Krystle was kind and yet powerful. She did her best to be nice to you if she could, but always demanded the respect she deserved. We watched her come out of her shell over the course of the original show. Will our new Cristal do the same? Linda Evans was able to show you her power behind that deceptively sweet smile. Will Nathalie Kelley be able to show us the same strong will?

Steven Carrington

Dynasty cast then and now

We did have a cast change for Steven Carrington in the original Dynasty, so we went with Jack Coleman, as he was in the series the longest. Steven was the son of Blake Carrington, and seen as the good old boy. He was also known for being the first openly gay male character on a prime time drama series. Jack Coleman has left some big shoes to fill. Will James Mackay be able to take and hold that torch? If the similarities in the kind smiles is an indication, the answer is a resounding yes!

Fallon Carrington

Dynasty cast then and now

Fallon Carrington is the daughter of Blake, and the sister of Steven. But that certainly isn’t all there is to this powerful and beautiful character. Pamela Sue Martin was an expert at showing Fallon’s deceptive ways and yet being able to make you love her. She was a woman who was willing to do whatever she had to in order to not only remain the only woman in her father’s life, but the head of Denver-Carrington. Will Elizabeth Gillies be able to show us this determination and powerful attitude to the same caliber as Martin? The steely eyed gazes and deceptive beauty show a pretty clear cut definite.

Sam Carrington/Sam Flores

Dynasty cast then and now

Not only do we have a name change for this character, but a gender swap too! A complicated character indeed. Sammy Jo was originally Krystle’s niece who had a relationship with Steven Carrington. Heather Locklear played the character with grace, showing the emotions of a woman in love with a man who was confused about his sexuality perfectly. The new Sammy Jo, played be the gorgeous Rafael De La Fuente may have the same situation when he is shown to be having relations with Steven Carrington in the reboot as well. One thing is for sure, these two have the innocent doe eyed look down to a tee!

Jeff Colby

Dynasty cast then and now

Jeff Colby was a hard character not to like, even when he was being a grade a jerk! He really did love Fallon, in spite of all the obstacles they had to overcome as a couple. The least of which being that their families owned the two biggest oil companies in the state and were each other’s biggest rivals. John James played the part in such a way that even when he was making us angriest had us still loving him. The hundred watt smile hooked everyone. Sam Adegoke is going to tackle the role in the reboot and those strong willed eyes and jaws tell us he is certainly going to make us fall in love with Jeff Colby all over again!

There are certainly going to be more characters in the reboot that you never saw in the original. There are also going to be some major missing roles as well. This reboot is going to make their own path down the Dynasty road. Whichever turns they take, we can be sure the ride is going to be a thrill!

Dynasty will air Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW beginning October 11th, 2017! Be sure to continue checking us out at Pure Fandom to keep up with all the latest news!


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