10 fan-favorite Supernatural episodes to rewatch before season 13

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s easier to rewatch favorite episodes of a TV show than it is to move on in the series. Supernatural is no exception. All Supernatural fans have their favorite episodes to watch over and over again… so let’s break down some of the most popular ones!

Note: this isn’t a list of the best Supernatural episodes, just the ones that fans love to rewatch! Some of the more emotional ones will be absent from the list. These are in order of their air date.


1. 2×15 “Tall Tales”

This is an early episode that deserves all the love it gets. The two brothers tell different versions of the same case to Bobby, and the audience gets to see all of it. It’s clear that Jensen and Jared had a field day with this episode—it’s downright hilarious to see how each brother describes the other. (Also, the Trickster, AKA Gabriel, makes his first appearance in this one.)


2. 3×03 “Bad Day at Black Rock”

This episode is worth a rewatch just for the dejected-looking Sam mumbling that he lost his shoe. When the brothers encounter a magic rabbit’s foot that can make people extremely lucky or unlucky, things get interesting. They deal with Bela, a fan favorite character, and Dean utters a two-word one-liner: “I’m Batman.”

[Check out Jared Padalecki re-enacting this scene here]


3. 3×11 “Mystery Spot”

Picture this: Groundhog Day, but every day restarts when your brother dies in a new way. Sam has to endure this in “Mystery Spot,” eventually getting to the point where he memorizes the conversations he has with Dean. This episode is hilarious until the end, and the quotes that this ep has spawned will never let fans think of Tuesdays in the same way.


4. 4×01 “Lazarus Rising”

Perhaps one of the best season openers in Supernatural, this episode resurrected Dean and reunited him with Sam and Bobby. Not just that, however. We finally met Castiel, who soon adds another piece to the show that we didn’t know we needed. Cas also has one of the best character introductions in all of TV. Don’t fight me on this.


5. 4×06 “Yellow Fever”

Who could forget seeing Dean Winchester, badass, scream like a little girl when a cat pops up out of nowhere? In this episode, Dean goes up against a mysterious illness that makes him more and more scared of things. It gets to the point where he’s even afraid to lie to police while working on a case. Hilarious and heartbreaking, this ep is a fan favorite. (Plus, who doesn’t love that “Eye of the Tiger” lip-sync that Jensen does?)


6. 5×08 “Changing Channels”

“Changing Channels” pulls Sam and Dean into parodies of popular TV shows and makes them adapt to fit the program. While the underlying message isn’t so lighthearted, there are some hilarious and memorable moments, such as when Sam and Dean overact like they’re on a sitcom. Plus, the Trickster is revealed to be Gabriel in this episode. It’s a win-win.


7. 6×15 “The French Mistake”

This is one of the highest-rated Supernatural episodes for a reason. What happens when the characters of a TV show find out that they’re in a TV show? Mistaken identity, intentional bad acting, and one of the funniest episodes in all of Supernatural. Fans flock to this one over and over again to see Misha Collins as Misha Collins as Castiel and Dean asking Sam what the heck a “Padalecki” is.


8. 9×05 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

This episode isn’t usually one of the first to come to mind, but its unusual story is the draw. Dean uses a spell to become bonded to a dog while trying to figure out what killed its master. He begins showing some dog-like characteristics, including yelling at a mailman and sticking his head out the window of the Impala. The gags are over-the-top and the climax is terrific.


9. 10×05 “Fan Fiction”

Some of the show’s best episodes are the meta ones, and this is no exception. In the 200th episode of the series, the brothers discover that a school is putting on a play based on Carver Edlund’s Supernatural book series, and they see their life unfold before them. The slow, heart-wrenching version of “Carry On My Wayward Son” that is sung by the cast of the play at the end is tear-jerking and stays with fans even after watching.


10. 11×04 “Baby”

This episode was an ode to one of the only constants that Sam and Dean have had on the road so far: the 1967 Chevy Impala that Dean lovingly calls Baby. This episode is shot entirely in Baby’s perspective—which sounds weird, but it works way better than expected. Fans love the way this episode gives a fond look at the Winchesters and all they’ve accomplished.


What did you think? What are some of your favorite Supernatural episodes to rewatch? Should we make a second list? Comment and let us know what you think!

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