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8 Wonder Woman products to bring out your inner Amazonian princess

I don’t know about you, but after seeing Wonder Woman, I’ve gone a little gung-ho in search of awesome gear from the franchise. With an opening box office weekend tallying at $103.1 million, it probably won’t come as a surprise to see a HUGE increase in the sale of Wonder Woman merchandise.

I mean, who am I kidding? Right now I want to be as B.A. as Wonder Woman when I work out. I want to embody her while I’m at a bar and some creep tries to get a little too friendly. Heck, I just want to look that cool at the grocery store. Or maybe I just have “sucker” written on my forehead and want anything related to my fave superheroes. Luckily, we live in the same lifetime as Amazon (and Amazon Prime! Holla at that free two-day shipping, though) which has some great Wonder Woman gear, ranging from apparel to collectibles and comics!

Amazon products for Wonder Woman

While on my hunt for everything great that is Wonder Woman merch, I’ve compiled this awesome list for you. Thank me later:

1. Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Lies (Rebirth) – $10


If you’re going to start gathering Wonder Woman stuff in the obsessive manner that I fully support, I suggest you start with the comics. Now, the Rebirth series is by no means her first appearance, but it is a great spot for new fans to start. DC Comics rebooted their entire line of characters and stories to get back to their origins, after the New 52 series. This will probably give you the closest experience to starting and following a contemporary comic about Wonder Woman without going all the way back through her 200+ comics (although that doesn’t hurt either).

2. Funko POP DC Diana Prince Action Figure Exclusive – $35


I’ve got a soft spot for Funko POP! figures, especially the limited edition or exclusives. One of the best parts of the movie is when Diana Prince first arrives in WWI era London. This is the outfit that she finally decides on as it is the “most reasonable to fight crime in.” As shown in the previews, she has no idea that the sword or shield aren’t socially acceptable things to carry around town. This POP! figure fully embodies that.

3. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Leather Jacket – $120


OK, so this one is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s way too cool to not include in this list. I mean, just look at it in all of its awesome, leathery-bad-ass glory! It’s not anywhere near as showy or obnoxious as most of the Wonder Woman jackets that I’ve been looking up. Not to mention, the distressed look is very similar in style to the breastplate armor’s worn look that Wonder Woman has in the new movie.

4. PerfectShaker Hero Series Nutrition Shaker Bottle – $13


Like I said before, I want to be Wonder Woman when I work out. Judge me, but after watching the movie I’ve definitely started channeling a bit more of her resilience into my fitness. If Wonder Woman can throw a tank, I can make it through one more burpee. Anyways, this shaker bottle would be perfect for any active Wonder Woman lover. When you finish up your workout, you look in the distance at your awesome protein or recovery shake knowing that you killed it like Wonder Woman would have.

5.  Wonder Woman Yoga Compression Pants – $70


To carry on with the fitness trend, these Wonder Woman leggings look rad. There’s actually 5 to choose from, but I think the “Wonder Woman Blue” model is the best. Once again, power through your fitness with these or just wear them for your daily activities.

 You’re never too old to build or play with LEGOs (says the girl that regularly collects them). So, maybe I’m a little biased. However, this is one of the few times I’ve seen LEGO have all of the main characters in one set. Most of the time, you have to buy multiple sets or scenes to collect the main characters. This battle features Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and Ares. You could build it on your coffee table while watching Wonder Woman do awesome shhhh.. tuff in Batman vs. Superman. Oh, we can’t wait for Wonder Woman to come out on Blu-ray/DVD

“You never really know someone until you’ve walked in their shoes.” OK, sign me up. Diana Prince. I volunteer as tribute. These sweet Chuck Taylor Converses feature Wonder Woman in full-color-comic-awesomeness. Match ’em with your favorite jeans and graphic tee. There are also multiple Wonder Woman models as the “9476” may suit your fancy instead.

8. Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set – $34


And last, but most certainly not least is the 75th Anniversary box set. It isn’t an all-encompassing 200+ comic kind of box set, but for a little over $30 you’ll get most of her iconic issues. It includes her first appearance, her redesign through the decades, and some of her more recent tales. Bonus: Through June 16th, Amazon is running a promotion where any graphic novel purchase gets you a free digital copy of one of 100 digital Marvel comics. If you dig both movie franchises, this is an extra perk.Also, don’t forget about Amazon Smile! You can order all of the same awesome Amazon products for Wonder Woman while also giving back to charity.

(Featured Image via Amazon)


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