‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B discussion: Does Mona have a hidden agenda?

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 17, “Driving Miss Crazy,” Aired June 6, 2017

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars is vast approaching, and soon we should have all the answers we are looking for/needing. One thing that is top of our lists is knowing who the heck A.D. is, am I right?

4 theories on who A.D. really is

The ending to this week’s episode has either gave us yet another clue to who A.D. is, OR the writers are trying to throw us off on who the real suspect is. Yes, I’m talking about Mona Vanderwaal. Didn’t she look hella sketchy in the ending scene? WHAT IS GOING ON? Let’s discuss.

Is Mona really helping the Liars or does she have a hidden agenda?

Finally, Hanna let Mona into the group, but not all were happy about this situation. Um, girls, can I just say, Y’ALL NEED MONA! Yes, in the past she has seriously proved she cannot be trusted, but time-and-time again, Mona has proven they need her. Mona is incredibly smart (heck, she once was A), and has bailed them out numerous times. Without her, the Liars (especially Hanna) may have been in worse positions. So, for the rest of the Liars to throw shade at her and want her kept in the dark, basically that is just an insult. It wasn’t just me who thought this (see tweets below):

Despite most of the girls being in a huff about Mona being in on the A.D. situation, AGAIN she found a way to show them that they indeed do need her. Mona had done some digging and found out who the doc was that conducted the procedure on Alison so that she would be pregnant with one of Emily’s eggs that she donated to a fertilization clinic. Of course the question still unanswered was, who fertilized it? All guess is that it was A.D. (if he is a guy).

Mona drags Emily along with her to meet the doctor. They play it cool at first, pretending they are a couple who want IVF, but then Mona turns on him. The doctor freaks out as he realizes they know what he did and tells them to leave. Luckily, Mona took a magazine with his address on it and they dash off to see what they can find in his place. Of course, they find evidence that the doctor had been paid off, which they can use to bribe him into telling them what they do. Apparently it was done electronically, but what the doc does have is the donor’s ID number. OK, let’s get guessing on who Alison and Emily’s baby daddy is!

Could Mona be A.D.?

The end scene showed Mona, in what could be described as a lair, on a computer doing some spying/digging — which had newspaper clippings and gathered evidence in a case she seems to be building all over the walls. However, we don’t know what Mona is really up to. Is Mona simply doing her own investigation on who A.D. is? Or, does this suggest that Mona might be A.D.? Personally, I think it would be far too easy to say Mona is A.D., as they don’t give clues away that easily. What are your thoughts?


LOL! Do you think Mona is A.D.? Or, do you think the PLL writers are just trying to make us think it is her but is someone else?

Side note: Oh Aria, Mona is on to you! If she doesn’t realize what you’ve been up to first, then Spencer soon will. That LOOK tho … Aria, she knows, girl.

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