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Memorable feels from ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 1

Obviously Once Upon a Time is my favorite show (besides Friends), so I started my rewatch of the series back in January. I’m only on season 3 because I’m a hella slow binge watcher, but it has me feeling nostalgic. So due to my nostalgia, here are my top memorable scenes from season 1! Now, some of these memorable scenes may not be all rainbows and sunshine, so bear with me!

Graham dies in Emma’s arms

Pop Sugar

Once upon a time I was a huge Emma and Graham shipper. If we’re being honest, I am not sure why. I guess because I was young and naïve at the time, even thought it was only a 1.5 years ago… Anyway, this scene was just devastating, considering that there was no reason for Graham to have been killed off!

However, Regina totally thought otherwise. Evil Regina was the greatest though. Poor Graham…the man did not deserve to die. Even though I don’t think he was totally right for Emma, I think he could have been a great supporting character. But alas, that was not the case.

The Evil Queen disrupts the Snowing wedding


This scene was iconic even if it was mildly horrifying for Snow and Charming. I mean, I probably wouldn’t appreciate an evil queen barging into my wedding either. How rude.

This scene was the beginning of the stories, of the rivalry between Regina and Snow. This was the final straw for Regina because she didn’t want Snow to be happy. Hence the dark curse being enacted. It was the scene that immediately hooked me on the show. I saw how complex all of the characters were, and I couldn’t wait until they explored more.

Emma’s introduction


Now this is how you make an entrance! Even though she’s literally just walking, this is such a memorable scene. I think it’s because we finally meet this woman who is about to embark on one hell of an adventure and growth of character.

We see her walking in to meet a man. All’s going well until she starts hardcore questioning this man. Then bam! He runs, and Emma casually walks after him, as if she has no care in the world. The scene flashes to the man unable to start his car because Emma hijinks it. Then she casually slams his head against the steering wheel after telling her she’s a loner. Girl power! *punching emoji*

The curse is broken


Again, ICONIC! After episodes and episodes of Emma not believing in magic and none of the characters knowing their true selves, Emma breaks the curse. Thus, this helps her to believe the magic. Hard not to after slaying a dragon.

Not only did she break the curse, but Emma was given a family. Something she never dreamed of having. On top of all that, Snow and Charming were reunited! Yay! Regina was hella salty that Emma broke the curse though.

Snow and Charming meet (squee!)


“Well aren’t you a true Prince Charming,” Snow says when David catches her in a trap. That, by far, is my favorite line said by Snow. She was so sassy and totally not dealing with David’s crap.

We also saw Snowing meet for the first time. It was interesting to see that even they did not immediately like each other at first sight. In fact, they kind of hated each other. Not that I blame Snow, David was a bit prissy for my taste back in the day.

Season 1 had a lot of memorable moments. Moments that made me and many others fall in love with the magic of this show. We met such complex, broken and interesting characters. We saw their journeys begin. What are your favorite moments of season 1? Sounds off below!

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