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‘Teen Wolf’:13 Reasons To Love Stydia

Stiles and Lydia are one of Teen Wolf‘s greatest ships and affectionately known in the fandom as Stydia. This couple is made up of sarcastic, loyal – Stiles and the brilliant, strong AF – Lydia. Stiles and Lydia may not have the claws and fangs to battle the constant threats that wander into Beacon Hills but they do have each other.

Check out these 13 reasons to love them!

#1 They make a great team. Like we said, they may not have the brawn of the their supernatural friends, but they do have the brains. With Lydia’s book smarts and Stiles’ keen detective skills, these two are unstoppable.


#2 Stiles would do anything to protect her. Lydia can fight her own fights, but that won’t stop Stiles from throwing himself in between her and any danger she may face.


#3 Unrequited love. Once upon a time in Beacon Hills, Stiles was the weird, bench warmer kid who pined after an uninterested Lydia Martin and now they are a couple! Watching that unfold over the course of the series has been magical.


#4 The banter. Their bickers and banters are always hilarious to watch. Nobody can drive you crazy like the people you love, just ask Stiles.


#5 They comfort each other. In the world of Teen Wolf, things go wrong pretty often. When they do, these two lean on each other for some much needed support.


#6 She’s his anchor. When Scott, Allison and Stiles had to take an ice bath to save their parents, it was Lydia who served as Stiles’ tether because of their deep connection.


#7 He loves her brains. He knew how smart she was even when she used to play dumb for Jackson. After the dance, Lydia dropped the ditzy act and embraced her intellectual side for all to see. We hope that she did for herself but we don’t think it hurt to have someone call her out on it, like Stiles did at the dance.


#8 They have faith in each other. When Lydia’s foot was in a bear trap, she knew that Stiles could figure it out, even with his dreaming/waking issues. Despite his inability to read, he was able to save her with Lydia never doubting him. And Stiles is always the one pushing Lydia to trust her Banshee powers because he does. The faith they have in each other is super sweet.


#9 He saved her. They both found themselves in a lot of danger during the course of the show. Stiles did everything he could to save Lydia when she was locked away in Eichen and with the help of his friends, he did!


#10 She saved him right back. Lydia was the last to forget and the first to realize that she was missing someone after Stiles was taken. She fought like crazy to get him back in Season 6a and with the help of Scott and Malia, she was able to tear a hole open for him to return.


#11 He loves her. Stiles has always loved Lydia and pretty much everyone knows it. He finally said it to her when he was about the be taken by the Ghost Riders in Season 6a. Even though we knew he loved her, seeing him say it to her gave us all the feels.


#12 She loves him. While trying to save him, Lydia was forced to face her true feelings for Stiles. When Stiles finally returned, it was an epic moment for this will – they – won’t – they couple. She loves him and he knows it.


#13 And this. Boom goes the canon.


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